Anna on Radio

Listen to Anna Flowergardengirl on The Garden Rebel with Vince Sims. Thank you Vince. I had a good time. Enjoyed talking to you about my garden secrets and favorite plants. I can’t wait for you to visit my home again.

Enjoyed my interview with Steve Howard at Growing Your Grub. We talked about vegetable and flower gardening—my tips on getting rid of voles and moles. And what is my new adventure with an online magazine—come listen!

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  1. Sorry to read of your uncle Bob’s passing.
    John 5:28 promises that there is going to be a resurrection, and according to chronology, we know, you will soon see him again.
    I wrote you a couple of days ago, asking if you could spare me some slips of your buddleia bushes. don;t need any roots, but have a few beautiful butterflies looking for flowers , but there are practically none here. Would pay you for it, if you could spare some, please.
    Read about your squirrels eating your tomatoes last year, well, a friend of ours uses neem oil and the squirrels wont come near. You ,ight try this. Gave this to my friend, but never needed it myself.
    Thank you for whatever you decide,
    I am in Florida, cool, but beautifull weather. Tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, lettuce, eggplant and other things started, but cover every night, just in case


    1. Thank you Ursula about my uncle and your help with the tomatoes. I will try the neem oil. I have some.

      All for my butterfly bushes—they are patented or I would gladly share. I don’t have any old fashioned varieties. These are new cultivars and come with very stiff penalties if I share. I’m sorry.


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