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( Today is November 13th, 2018. Please read my bio below but first a brief update. In 2012, I came down with a rare form of shingles to my cranial nerves. I would be in bed for the rest of 2012 through to 2015 with very little gardening or writing accomplished. I was at first paralyzed on my right side and now have regained most that was damaged but much of my strength has been lost. Other secondary and tertiary issues have surfaced due to the damage done to the nerves in my face and neck. We moved out of the home I built in 2008 and have since then moved to a town home where I garden on a much smaller scale. I feel half the person I was. My husband is retired now and we plan to travel NC and I will still write about the gardens, gardeners, and people we meet along the way. I will still write about my new gardens and retirement gardening. Thank you for visiting my website. )


Anna Marie, the author of this blog….. is the namesake and direct descendant of Maria Anna Elizabeth Staud b. 24 March 1717/18 Zweibrucken at Gimpweiler Germany. She is buried at Bethania, NC. Maria Anna married Jacob Mueller in 1740 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. They came to North Carolina as Moravians to establish the settlement of Bethania. They first arrived at Bethabara.

Anna Marie is a published writer and amateur photographer with her works appearing in websites and special publications. She documents stories about the South and those who garden there.

She is married and has two grown sons. She has been gardening for 40 years. She loves cottage style. She is a 9th generation NCer.

Anna created this website to show you some of her professional work and then document the building of her home and gardens back in 2008. She’s been blogging or doing online garden writing for 10 years. Her blog/website is now a collection of who she is at this point in life. That can sure be many things or just simply sitting on her front porch.

I’m glad you stopped by. I hope you find help, encouragement, and laughter. I will keep this website forever…I will tell my stories…share my failures..and if you find a broken link…I am sorry. Impossible to keep up these days with the changing internet. Also..some of my projects have ended and those featured links or articles are archived by other websites. Neverending…but I’m so glad you tried to read it all. I’m so glad.

( Since writing this bio, I have traced my roots through many lines and have even done a DNA test which put me at 80% England, 29% Scotland and Ireland, the remaining is Germany. I am a direct descendant through several people who came across on The Mayflower. Seems I need to write about that! November, 2018 )



  1. Cathy says:

    You are a great writer, only if I could that talent. Are you going to come to the spring fling this year? according to my mom who is on the committee (since it’s being held in Chicago) you might have seen her blog -Sweet Home and Garden Chicago, well I never attended the spring fling before but it sounds like a lot of fun.
    I will be helping her (Carolyn Gail) at her house -she is hosting a small segment of the spring fling, hope to see you there! if not, you will be missed!


  2. Mary Sharpe says:

    I came to this page for the same reason as Jan . . . !

    As for the same person doing kinds of things with different blogs . . . and coming up with new ideas as one goes along . . . Anna, you may like my new blog, HUGH AND CAMELLIA which is an offshoot from ESTHER IN THE GARDEN – though very different.

    Best wishes in all your endeavours.

    Mary Sharpe (et al.!)
    Hi Mary and good to see you. I’ll go check out your blog. I don’t think I’ve changed really—just gotten more experienced at blogging.


    1. I love your site hun… I feel good everytime I visit…

      Take care
      Carole x
      Thank you and hugs back at cha!


  3. I’m lost when I come here now, Anna! It’s a lovely site, and it’s clear you’ve changed your focus to a different’ segment of society…but, are you still keeping a ‘blog-blog’ or is it this one? It seems so different than before.
    I don’t know Jan. I feel like I write some things that need to be stored under a rock and others might be rather entertaining. But I do write whatever is on my heart. I’ve been blogging since December of 07 I think. I started about the same time blotanical.com got going. You grow with your blog. You certainly figure out what people avoid and what they want to see more of. I also confirmed the fact I’m a story teller. I know the history behind most of what I’m writing about. It’s like I was raised by NC historians.

    They were two women who wanted to make sure that nothing about our family was ever forgotten. As I write about front porches, warm steamy summers, and other things as such—-the pieces of the story weave their way to the front of my memories. I never start out knowing what I’m going to say. I just let it happen.

    So I don’t think I’ve changed but I am allowing you to see a side of me that you had a hint was there but now you know. I’ve always loved the South and now I’m showing you why. I’m glad you like it. I do keep several other blogs. I keep a genealogy blog with resources about our family history and I jot down snippets of my brain I want to go back and explore. That happens to me a lot. I have another blog where I write stories but have not published many of them yet. Some I’ve sent off to see if they could become a book or such which is probably far fetch but we’ll see. I have the blog that preceded this one which is inactive but stores a few flower pictures that people have linked to. I don’t want to break their links.

    I started a blog at blogger about Copper Top Cottage and then changed my mind about keeping it. Which leads me to ……………..
    There is a blog I’m building that will have loads of pictures on special things about Copper Top Cottage and lots of surprises. It will probably take me another year to get it where I want it. I purchased its domain name but will have wordpress be my host. You’ll get to see my container arrangements there. You know, the ones I’m doing with the china.

    So I guess this blog takes a lot of twist and turns and I never know in what direction. I’ll always keep this blog because of that fact. I can be myself here. I’m glad you like this side of me. I think you are terrific and have amazing photos on your site. I always love the music and often leave it playing in the background. You are kind and very honest. I love honesty in people. Let’s keep blogging and writing about what we love and people will see that no matter if we are good one day and awful the next. That’s why it is so important to get to know a blogger. One visit to their site can not possibly tell you who they are.

    Thank you for asking!


  4. Ginger says:

    You have done a fabulous job on your pictures and info about Wilmington, NC, my hometown. I am so glad I found you!
    You are so welcome and I will answer your email later today. Thank you for dropping by. I have an article I’m just working on about the Latimer House. I may post it today just for you.


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