Can I watch your garden grow

Can I watch your garden grow, sit in a shady spot, listen to the birds sing, and decide to plant what you have selected? I have a couple of neighbors who are just seeing the first shoots peek out of the ground. We are also adding seeds and annuals. Already some of my neighbors have shared with me and I’m planning on sharing back soon as I can.

They don’t know it or maybe they do…..but they each care about my plight with my health and that really sustains me through this journey. When they don’t see me, they ask Gary how I’m doing. Just two days ago I was outside a bit longer than I should have been and it told on me the following day. The myasthenia gravis causes a break down in communication between my nerves and muscles.

By evening, you could see the spasms in my calves and thighs. It’s very painful. My arms felt like spaghetti and even my brain muscles wouldn’t work. My doctor adjusted my meds and hopefully that will work. He cautioned me about doing much work on problem days.

I feel better today after resting and want to be back out planting a few things tomorrow. A neighbor gave me some succulent cuttings and I bought cactus soil for the succulents.

You know, always be proud of what you can do and accept what you can not. I almost enjoy gardening more now that I’m not trying to impress the world with my ability to grow huge landscapes worthy of magazine covers. I can still garden on a small scale and that is rewarding to me.

It’s just as rewarding to look upon others’ gardens and see how they planned their little gardenscapes. I have one neighbor building a stone patio area of their courtyard and another who has been adding to her garden daily until it has reached far beyond her courtyard. We are restricted by some HOA laws but that is ok too. Some of my nearest neighbors want me to plant on their property which is a huge compliment.

So no matter your age or ability…..keep doing it and little by little it comes together in harmony.