Can you say seeds plus curb appeal


Seriously, can you say seeds plus curb appeal? About every other year, I decide to plant seeds instead of buying plants. This is a seed year. I buy from many different sources like Baker, Burpee, Park, Thompson and Morgan, Botanical Interests, etc. and none are favorite companies. I like them all.

We have moved to a new town home and the above photos are from a home I designed back in 2008. Below is the same home in 2012. I go a little nuts over flowers. I sold this home in a couple of days and honestly think I built it for the folks who bought it. They loved the curb appeal of the craftsman cottage style. They just love it and glassed in the back porch. It’s their retirement home and it pleases me to see them love it like I did. It’s not far from where I live now. Everyone who drove by enjoyed the front porch the most and how I decorated it for the seasons.

Above is one of my favorite hydranges, ‘Nikko Blue’. A must have from my north facing town home. The whole side of my town home is begging for this hydrangea and more! Even though it’s north facing, there will be some good morning light due to the way the side sorta turns sideways a bit. Some of the seeds I’ll be growing will look nice dotted among the ornamentals.

Already in the ground at my new town home is this hydrangea called ‘Limelight’. It’s planted in the middle of my back yard. Can you believe how big it gets? Maybe just maybe it’s big because I cut it to a foot off the ground in January and fertilize it with Espoma Holly Tone in early March. Grows to this height every season and blooms like mad.

‘Limelight’ makes these pretty bouquets!

‘Arizona Sun’ is going in my garden again this year! pictured above also called Blanket Flower.

This is the ‘Teddy Bear’ sunflower that I also grew and am going to grow again this season. I sowed them directly in the ground. The chipmunks like to eat the seedlings so I pop the bottom out of a med. sized paper cup then slide the cup over the plant. That protects it until it gets big enough that the varmints leave it alone.

And then look below!!! Lots of seeds to start this year too. I only have a small courtyard so the seeds will be started in my sunroom. I’m going to make the newspaper containers and store them in $1 Tree sheet trays. I will germinate most of the seeds by the paper towel method.

Here is an article I did on how to wick away water from you seed trays. HERE

Seeds packets on my counter waiting on me to make plans for the new flower beds 2019.

Seed tray wicking method so the plants don’t rot sitting in too much water. It worked like a charm.

You can grow ‘Victoria Blue’ salvia from seed too. It makes a nice border! Happy Gardening for 2019. This month I’ll be doing all inspiration photo ideas so you can get your game on while the winter keeps roaring.