So many hairstyles for sure

So many hairstyles for sure since I first started my website. This was me in 2007 and before all the sickness. I was wearing my jean gardening apron. I was pretty much on my A game gardening. I remember this girl and her round the clock thinking. 
She was the girl who designed the 2008 craftsman cottage home and grew massively huge hydrangesa. This Anna was healthy as a beast but something horrible would happen to her in 2012 just as her hard work was paying off. 
in 2009, she got one of those mall makeovers and tried to look dressed up. Gary didn’t like it. He liked the garden girl. 

In 2010 I was asked to work the Tournament of Roses  parade but I was too shy and had loads of work for me and others in the gardens I gardened. I was writing garden articles too. I loved it all. 

And this mock up shows I was thinking about blonde as the grey started to sprinkle here and there. 

I love long hair but there is so much of it and each hair is thin. It tangled up badly and got worse as I aged. I always had bits and pieces of plant debris stuck in there. 

So blonde it was but my hair grows so fast that it was too much upkeep. I don’t think my husband ever liked it this way. 

Brown again and shorter! My favorite style but it’s so hard to keep the friz out. I love this photo because it shows my 20% Scottish Irish heritage.  I have green eyes and reddish tent hair. 

This is during my recovery from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Shingles to the cranials nerves. I was so sick. I did not think I was going to live. We sold this home and I was very sad. It was the best thing to do. Now we live in a small town home and have some room to garden. 
These three photos were taken when I was at my worst.On the right is the day I came down with shingles to the cranial nerves. My hair fell out so we cut it short. I felt like a beast.  I would be in bed the better part of 3 years in so much pain I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. From right to left is a 4 year period. I was left with permanent damage on the right side of my face. Looking at that photo on the right just makes me nauseated. I grieved who I was. I still do. 

Me in 1976, the day I left to join the Air Force. 

And me just a few years ago and the haircut I’m getting again today. 

Me last year. It’s been a very long journey from the girl who first started all this. I’m stronger because of it all. Thank you for the support and prayers. I still have a long way to go health wise. Some days are a do nothing day. Today is get my hair cut. 

I will grow these hydrangeas again. 
Thank you for being a part of my blog