North Carolina Gardening and Nature



This North Carolina Gardening and Nature blog brings you the best our state has to offer in advice on ornamental plantings to conversations on this author’s favorite NC places to visit. ( Photo above was my front porch from our home built in 2008. We now live in a smaller home which I’ll feature once again in the coming months. )

Plants that grow best in our soil and environment need to be hardier and more resilient than plant labels indicate. We aren’t just a zone 7/8 gardening environment. From sea to mountains and drought to sub freezing, our state is chock full of challenges.

The or aka North Carolina Gardening and Nature blog is relaunching this month and will offer a new and updated 2019 list of plants that will work hard for your curb appeal and gardens.

As always, no advertising and no ads. If I do recommend a product, book, or other website—it is because I think it best for the subject matter. If I am given a plant or product to review then I will state that up front.

I’m Anna Marie and the author of this site. I’ve been gardening since I was in kindergarten. I’m now 60 as of May 2018. I have gardened professionally and personally all over the USA as my husband was in the Air Force. He is retired now and we will travel NC more telling of the people and places along the way. My husband is retired AF, local government, and now officially retired…tired.

He and I met in 1978 when I was also in the AF. I was a mechanic on the flightline and we were both from NC originally but not knowing it at the time. Both our families go way back in NC history. I’m a 9th generation NCer so we knew we wanted to move back to the area when he retired from the AF. I left the AF while pregnant with our first child in 1980. Our two boys are grown now and have wives and children of their own. Yes I love being a grandparent.

I learned to garden by my grandmother and great aunt’s side. I later taught garden classes as I gardened in the many planting zones across the nation. North Dakota was the most challenging! After my husband retired from the AF, we moved back to the NC area and my gardens started fresh each time. We have moved over 30 times. Today we live close to Winston Salem, NC.

You’ll find plenty of advice, mistakes, and fun while reading this blog. I have taken a long break as we downsized twice in the past few years. I now garden on a much smaller scale than in 2012. In 2012, I came down with a rare form of shingles to my cranial nerves. I was in bed three years and paralyzed on the right side of my face for 2 years. I’ve told that story over and over but keep deleting it because it was so horrific. I will tell it again some day but for now I’m ready to start concentrating on the positive again.

Thank you for being here with me. Below is just a sample of the many things and events I’ve written about. These photos are scattered all throughout my blog. I have articles and photos published here and there. It’s always a fun journey. I’m trying to update links as this site sat unkept for years while I was sick. Be patient with me cause I’m tired of being a patient. I’m ready to live again. The photo of me is current. Oh yea… I’ll be featuring my new Retirement Gardening series as I update. It will have its own website.