Autumn finally comes to NC

Autumn finally comes to NC and every year it changes. This year may not be as spectacular as previous years as shown below but it is still a welcome sight from the oppressive heat during summer 2018.

Don’t forget to look up and see the canopy and find a place where the fences stretch long so you can add some interest to your memories. Every season should be viewed from many angles. I like to find barns, meadows, streams, and so on.

Millstone Meadows Daylily Farm
Old Salem, NC
  • Old Barns
  • lakes, streams, waterfalls
  • old wooden fences
  • national parks
  • trees
  • mountains
  • decorated neighborhoods
  • seasonal towns
  • bring the indoors out and arrange blankets or dishes in a seasonal setting
  • decorated windows

Make your autumn memorable by visiting scenic places and share it with the rest of your family. It makes great conversation at the dinner table.

Sending you warm wishes from NC  during this crisp autumn season.

All photos are taken by me, Flowergardengirl.