Modified seeds when done right can benefit the environment


Modified Seeds when done right can benefit the environment

So you think and I think only the negative when thinking of consuming modified seed plants? That’s all bad right? A genetically modified seed? Heavens no!

GMO seeds are modified for an assortment of reasons ( grow stronger plants, grow plants resistant to RounUp, grow plants that produce more fruit, and/or grow larger fruit ) and most people don’t want to eat the fruit of that crop for fear the nutrient content or modification will make us grow hairy eyeballs.

When you see a RoundUp ready crop growing in the fields, the grass and weeds all around have been killed to the point of being brown but the plant growing above looks healthy as an ox. That’s because the seed that grew that plant was modified with a marker so to say that keeps the mature plant from dying when sprayed with RoundUp.

No one ever thought that those plants would pollinate with other plants or through the roots and cause other plants to be RoundUp resistant… but it happened.

We do see however that when the demand for ethanol and soy went through the roof… seeking to make more profits…turned to RoundUp ready seed. GMO’s then became part of the rolling hills of the plains because farmer’s profits went up.

At first….everyone was happy because it’s a trickle down affect. Farmer grows plant less expensively, produces more crops, easier harvest on their equipment w/o weeds breaking down equipment during harvest, and then corn prices fell…….more corn available to feed cows…..( when corn was scarce due to ethanol demands, not enough corn was grown to feed cows and farmer had to pay more to feed said cows ), and hamburger prices went down, milk prices went down,,..poor families could again afford hamburger and milk.

Reverse that….they found out GMO’s do have hairy eyeball syndrome. GMO food consumption went down, prices went up as farmers grew the traditional seed. Farmer passed on the price to grow the corn from the more expensive traditional methods…hamburger got expensive and milk got expensive. Etc because there was also a demand for corn.

If only we could somehow do both….have GMO corn for ethanol and traditional corn for consumers.

That’s where nano fuels come to play.

Currently, less than half of a corn plant can be used to make ethanol because the stalk and such are made of cellulose and can’t be converted to ethanol. It becomes feed fodder…lol.

We have to modify the seed to grow a plant that can use an enzyme that will allow the cellulose to be converted to ethanol. Wait…that’s a GMO seed. In our world of Christianity we call that for every good thing there is a bad thing. So the technology which allowed GMO seeds was used to make RoundUp ready seed and pushed off as a food source….is now used to modify the seed so the whole plant can be used for fuel. Great…oh wait….

GMO is bad right? well thankfully, The Department of Energy is smarter than the average bear and has given not one but 100’s of grants to help make nano technology fuel from all the plant parts. Lots more ethanol for the world and will bring down commodity prices. Win to win.

Nano technology helps create the modified seed and put an enzyme in there that when it reaches a certain degree…converts to ethanol. In the works, really, right now.. as of today.

What the government needs to do…..make sure GMO seed stays separate from non GMO. GMO is used for fuel and not consumption.

What do we need to do? Pass the word. Stop hating all GMO’s.

Believe that nothing new is under the sun but God will reveal it in His time. God has the answers.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 King James Version (KJV)

9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

By the time this article was released……the technology was already advanced. The electron microscope can see way inside parts inside parts inside parts of the seed cella.

Nanotechnology!!!! yea! Thank you Lord!

nanotechnology link used in this research\

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