Hurricane Florence has NC worried

Girl by the sea.jpg

We at Flowergardengirl are in the piedmont of NC and very worried about hurricane Florence. We are 250 miles inland but the storm is expected to stall over our area.

There are predictions of 70+ mph winds and rain amounts of 25+ inches as it travels inland. As the hurricanee comes onshore near our SC and NC border it may be a Category 5. This will cause catastrophic damage. Our family knows so many people in its path.

Even 250 miles inland we expect it to stall over us and drop down biblical rains. With the tropical force winds we could see some of these old oaks come down. We fully expect to be without power for a few weeks.

Pray for the carolinas and virginia. It could be very bad. I will update with photos after the storm has passed sometime next weekend. In the mean time….I’ll write a few more pieces this week about what has been going on since I have missed so many days with you.

I have moved twice. Twice I said!