My love survived The Blowing Rock


As you can see, my love survived The Blowing Rock experience. 

In the little North Carolina town of Blowing Rock, an indian lover once jumped off this cliff but the wind was so strong that it lifted him right back to his lover. They lived happily ever after and we been married 40 years this past July. img_3671He got to the top and said hello like it was nothing. img_3670This is my husband Gary and after 3 careers he has decided to be my assistant while visiting places I wish to share with you. He will helping take photos and making me laugh. I’m glad the wind blew him back to me. img_3669This is me, Anna, and you remember I’ve been sick a long time but now I’m back to traveling and writing about NC gardens. I myself have moved and downsized so will be writing about my own new gardens. It’s more retirement style gardening. img_3665These are the great Smoky Mountains and they are both smoky with haze and beautiful. img_3674In the little town of Blowing Rock which is very close to THE blowing rock…….there is a village of decorated shops and wonderful atmosphere. September really is a great time to visit. img_3664The little girl reading is in front of the library and town hall. Just gorgeous landscaping with new flower  varieties mixed with the annabelle hydrangeas. img_3662img_3659img_3656img_3654img_3658img_3660img_3657img_3651img_3649img_3650

My loved survived The Blowing Rock today and I’m awfully glad he will be my traveling partner for several years to come.