A Valentine bird house made from the Botanical Interests Seed Catalog

A Valentine bird house made from the Botanical Interests Seed Catalog illustrations is fitting for a gift to someone special for the day of love. I save my catalogs and cut out shapes from the flowers. The scrollwork is wallpaper rub ons. I rub on the wallpaper but  decoupage the illustrations to the surface of watering cans, birdhouses, and other useful items. I add another layer of decoupage or varnish. I wouldn’t set it out in the weather but this one has been sitting protected on my front porch for several years now. it has held up well. You can see the entire article HERE. Botanical Interests Seeds has the prettiest catalogs out there.  You can find rub ons HERE at Amazon. Look at all the garden designs featured. I’d like to make one from the black and white selections. Paint the can first if you like then add the rub ons.  So make someone a watering can or birdhouse today!

Here is a watering can I made from stencils leftover from a home project I did years ago. This is cute to give to a garden friend or just to cheer someone up. You could just as easily add a card that said get well soon. For Valentine’s Day you could add hearts and love notes. The can was already yellow. I think adding the seed packet is cute. Look at these rose and vine rub ons!


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