Curb Appeal helps sell a home


Curb appeal helps sell a home and I’ve sold three fairly quickly to prove the point. When I designed this home I wanted it to have the feel that it was added to as the family grew. I used stone, brick, and cedar siding to accomplish that. Over the years I have redone the landscaping and floral carpet to compliment the front porch and my personality that particular season.

This is my current cottage craftsman which is under contract in less than 3 weeks. I designed this home for comfort and entertaining family. We decided to sell and downsize for a few years and then rebuild again. My husband and I like moving and creating new spaces. We love this home but it is more space than we need. We have a new grand baby who lives in Florida and we want to visit him more.

So we are taking about 3 years to rethink what kind of home we want next. I know it will be a craftsman cottage and you all can follow along as I design it. I haven’t had any trouble selling my home because of the curb appeal so this new one will be no exception. It will also have multi exterior faces. It’s just who I am.

You can see the many season of my home in the photos but you can also see it as it matures. The Heritage River Birch is the show piece. It’s a birch approved by NC State for planting near foundations and sidewalks. I did a lot of soil amending during the years of planting. I am good to my plants. I also garden mostly organically.

Our next move is to a town home we had built. I will still be gardening but it will be small scale with lots of containers. You do not want to miss it. There will be a Meyer Lemon Tree and olive tree. I will still have swings that will hang from a pergola. It’s going to be French Mediterranean with cottage flair. Lots of beautiful blues.


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