Funeral tracking the family garden…sounds weird

Retail landscaping to attract customer traffic

Funeral tracking the family garden sounds so weird but it happens and can be helpful to the grieving family.

Funeral tracking requires that you read the obituaries and call on the grieved. They share stories about their lost one and hopefully will share cuttings and diggings from the garden if one exist.

You can build a memorial garden for the family in your own gardens or you can donate your time and the plants to a local public garden site. It looks really pretty to have a statue. ( sharing you time for the public garden means you can take home some cutting for your garden). Often times the family will want to put a plaque in the garden with a poem or something that honors their loved one.

If there isn’t a service like this in your area then you should consider starting one.

Happy Day…Anna

I created the garden above at June DeLugas Interiors in Clemmons, NC . It’s not a memorial garden but it does show the use of a statue.

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