I’m still mending from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome a rare form of shingles



I’m still mending from a rare form of shingles called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. It’s been 2 years since getting this disorder and it’s been such a challenge. I just wanted to say that I have missed answering so many questions asked on my blog and I am so sorry. I just couldn’t keep up. I’m back to blogging now and will hopefully be gardening in spring 2015. Between now and then I have plans for my porches and of course holiday decorating to share.

I’ve been quilting some and cooking more. I’ve purchased two church cookbooks which have the yummiest of feel good dishes. I know you all love church cookbooks. Send me one of yours if you would care too…I would love that. Just use the contact form above to contact me and I’ll send you my address.

The photo above was taken at a quilt store in Ohio. I took it before I got sick. I still have the material to make the one in the window. It reminds me of my cottage gardens.

I would like to report that the pain in my face is diminishing greatly. I will not be losing my sight thank goodness. My husband has been taking good care of me. He has been wonderful through the whole ordeal.

Hugs to all of you and I miss you very much.

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  1. Nana in Texas says:

    I love the quilt hanging in the window! The one with pinks, blues, and maybe some red? Did you buy a kit for this? Or are the instructions anywhere on line.

    I just found your blog as a link from ???? a few weeks ago. Sorry to here about the Ramsay Hunt problem, I hear it can be a real “pain” to treat. Glad to hear you are better and looking forward to more.


    1. Nana, it is a kit and i did buy it. The fabrics do not come with the kit. I will have to look in my patterns to find it and get back with you. Part of my memory has been lost on the meds to treat RH. So the name of the shop has left my memory but I will find it somewhere…hopefully on the pattern. Seems it was an in house creation. Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to talking with you more.


      1. Nana in Texas says:

        Thanks for even being willing to look! My brain vacates the premises whenever I am sick, so I understand. Would love to have it, but understand if you can’t find it.


    2. Nana I found the source for the quilt. It’s called Laura’s 1870 Cradle Quilt. I bought it in Ohio at The Glass Thimble but the pattern has an online source. Here is the link: Laura’s 1870 Cradle Quilt


  2. Renata Rampersaud says:

    Hi Anna, So happy to hear you are on the mend. I miss your great gardening posts. Looking forward to your posts. God Bless!



    1. So nice to hear from you Renata and thank you so much.


  3. Sending my love and blessings Anna. Have missed you but am glad you are slowly improving. You bring joy to so many. I hope you get that joy back in bucket loads! X


    1. Thanks so much Hilary and that means a lot to me. I appreciate you for saying such niece things about me.


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