Monkey Ball’s Blooming Plant

Monkey Ball's Blooming Plant

This is a milkweed plant being enjoyed by a Monarch butterfly. The name of the plant is called a Monkey Balls plant or Fur Ball. You can use the search feature on my blog to read more. I go see the dr tomorrow about my eye sight. I took this photo two years ago I think. I would not be able to do this today. My blog has been about garden and nature photography. I pray that God works a miracle and gives my sight back( Update!!! He did…..See Update at end of Post!)  but if not..I will continue to write and putll from the many photos that are in my archives which could fill volumes of blogs. I may go blind they are telling me…but new computer technology will allow me to continue to post to my blog…so ya’ll pray and I will pray…and I have such strong faith….so please continue to read my blog cause I love that you do…..Merry Christmas everyone….have a nice day…..!!!! —-UPDATE!!! I was seen by a neuro othamologist after this post was written and my sight was declared perfect. It was at first thought that some difficulties had arisen from a rare form of shingles that I have called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which is in the nerves of your face. This is a form of shingles that eats away at the Trijiminal nerve and can cause blindness but in my case was only causing swelling around the eye. Antivirals were able to solve the issue. Thank you for all the prayers.

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