End of Month – November 2012


One thing I enjoy doing is reposting the beauty of other nature blogs and I think this is definitely worth the share. Hoping you all have a wonderful day! Anna…..

Gwirrel's Garden

I’m a little bit late today. Plenty of excuses this month tbh, mainly because of terrible weather last week and then dark days that mean it’s almost full dark when I get home, plus a busy Saturday = no chance to take photos until now.

There isn’t much to report back on, there’s less this month than last thanks to lots of rain and some rather chilly nights. I think the only thing left blooming are the Erysimum. I’ve become very detached from the garden after having spent almost no time in it for weeks.
It actually felt weird to be outside when I refilled the bird feeders earlier in the week. The cover that the shrubs and climbers give me is gone and I feel very exposed when I go to the top of the garden, and until the climbers are larger; this will happen every year.

I have…

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