Souls in heaven but what about the soil?

God, I know I’ll meet good souls in heaven but what about the soil? Let’s talk about this and what it means to me your faithful garden servant here on earth.

Did you know we talk about worm castings here on earth? One of the ugliest most unappreciated creatures on the planet and we go ape over its excretions. I bet that humors you to no end—–well maybe you are infinite— so it still keeps you knee slapping.

And we appreciate cultivars—- and that all knowledge comes from above–cause then we don’t have to use as many pesticides–they are strong–since they are super plants and all. But when we get to heaven–could you have waiting for us, all those species we killed off while in our care? We won’t need the cultivars then….but don’t take them away yet–we still need them.

God you promised me a mansion but there was no mention of good soil–just good souls. I won’t have to amend the soil will I? I’m pretty tired of amending my soul and this soil. Both are exhausting. I want heaven to have perfect soil and I want to plant up all sorts of combinations. I want there to be endless combinations. Can I bee ( meant to be play on words ) the head garden keeper? Has anyone ask you that? Adam was assigned but he flubbed it.

Do you like my garden blog God? If so….could you multiply my efforts and send so many people here to applaud my efforts. Just because you created me to post all these photos and talk about plants endlessly and it seems fitting they would want to see what you’ve done with my life?..ok? and I want a fiat…and an old old old truck.

God? are you there? I see you in my garden. I see you in every intricate detail of the plants. I see you in the order of life. I see you up close and personal…but do you see my blog? If you do….let me know that there is good soil in heaven.

I love you God.

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  1. Jazmin says:

    Very funny post and I love the photo’s. The colors pop very well. You have talent. Amending the soil might be a pain but it makes it that much more satisfying for me anyway.


  2. Martha says:

    Applause Applause … Great post …


  3. One thing I know for sure. Gardening has gotten more challenging to me with every move. I miss the sandy soil of Michigan. True it needed a boatload of amendments. But, at least I could easily move and till the soil. No heavy clay or rocks as I’ve since experienced in Indiana (that wasn’t too bad actually), New York, and Pennsylvania. I’m sure, that we’ll have gardens to tend in heaven.


    1. Me too Dianne, I’ve lived all over the country and here I have the most horrible clay soil. Tons of amending. The best soil was in California. We lived in Lompoc. Lots of rain and good drainage. I bet we garden in heaven and the varieties will be remarkable. So many things we’ve not seen. I can’t wait.


  4. What a fun way of looking at gardening and blogging. Also, your Rudbeckia look beautiful. Why are mine never that perfect?


    1. Oh wait, it must be because of the worm situation.


    2. I gave these good soil and then ignored them. They are in a really dry area with lots of sun. Thank you! I had fun with this post. I was going to put in the facts about worms per square shovel full–or about how many apple varieties we have lost. Lots of good ways to spin off this topic. But really–it boils down to the soil.


  5. There is good soil here on Earth, but it is being raped and pillaged by wars and bombs. And good soil doesn’t necessarily wind up in your own yard. I’m tired of amending, too, but, amend I must, with this clay soil. God was looking over Wm. Bryant Logan’s shoulder, and in his soul, when he wrote “Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of The Earth.” I can’t recommend this book highly enough. – Kaye


    1. Kaye it’s a light hearted look at soil and souls from my attempt at humor in the garden today. I taught biology and am aware of what it takes to have healthy soil from both the stand point of natural disasters to man made. I haven’t seen the movie Dirt. We are not good stewards of our soil or resources this said from a strong conservative. Neither dems or repubs know what to do with either half the time.


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