Modern Vintage Everything Girly With Tippy Stockton Jewelry

Modern Vintage Everything Girly With Tippy Stockton Jewelry
With a lifelong love of crafts, fashion and everything girly, Patricia’s journey with Tippy Stockton began in 2009 when she launched her website,, shortly after the passing of both her parents. Through her grief, Patricia found her purpose; to be the creative person her Mother always knew she could be.   With a background in Interior Design, Industrial/Product Design and Graphic Design, designing jewelry has been an outlet that combines all elements of design.

Patricia has created a full line of jewelry that women of all ages will find versatile and easy to wear for casual or formal occasions. Many of her pieces are Vintage – from a small bead, to a length of Vintage brass chain, bringing in those rich elements and textures from days gone by will hopefully bring joy and inspire people to reflect on their own history. She also loves that each piece of jewelry is handmade and proudly made in America.

Patricia lives in Edmonds, Washington, (a small suburb of Seattle) with her husband John, son Kellan, and her constant Studio companion, Chloe.  On any given day you’ll find her hard at work in her garden Studio perched among the tall cedars and lilacs.

“Some of my earliest memories are of playing with my Mom and Grandmother’s jewelry. Opening up their jewelry boxes, made me giddy with excitement. I still get that same feeling today when I find a piece of Vintage jewelry – that piece of jewelry tells a story and I love giving it new life!”

See Patricia’s work as featured in the September/October issue of 425 Magazine, Matthew Mead’s HOLIDAY Magazine in October, 2010, FOLK Autumn and Holiday 2011, and Where Women Cook – CELEBRATE!

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