Pinky Winky Hydrangea is it Pinky in the South?

Pinky Winky hydrangea is it pinky in the South? This is its pinkiest year since I’ve owned it from a 5″ pot on 2008.

I like it well enough but I expected more vibrant color. Last year it had barely any pink at all.

My experience is that some of these hydrangea cultivars don’t show as much color in the warmer climates. Is that your experience too?

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  1. s42alt says:

    Yes! I live in northeast Georgia and was given a strawberry-vanilla hydrangea for Mother’s day in 2011. The first year I got a few white flowers that immediately turned brown. I gave it another year and the same results. More white flowers that have already turned brown. I have been terribly disappointed. I will give it one more chance by moving it this fall to the north, shady side of my house. $30.00 is a lot to pay for a plant that did not perform.


    1. S42, My Vanilla Strawberry has done a bit better this year. I planted it about 4 years ago. It is only about 5 inches taller and I can really grow hydrangeas. I know what I’m doing. But this 4th year it is doing better but we’ve had tons of rain. I still do not see the vibrant colors it’s supposed to have.And…it’s the slowest growing hydrangea on earth.


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