How to Increase customer foot traffic with store front seasonal landscaping


Have you ever wondered how to increase customer foot traffic with store front seasonal landscaping? I offer you this example which sets the mood before the customer enters the store. Showing the customer that first impressions are important starts with the store front landscaping.

Colorful annuals and bright textured greenery will enhance the look of your business and get the customer in the buying spirit. What is a buying spirit? One that starts with a good feeling about the place. One that draws the customer through the door. After all, you have to get them in the door to sell them something.

Your budget for retail landscaping should be between $500 to $1,000 dollars per season for front beds of this size. These beds belong to June DeLugas Interiors in Clemmons, NC. 

Architectural features, potted arrangements, ground plantings, and attractive mulch are the rule for retail landscaping projects.

These Foxtail ferns are set off by placing them in this statue fountain. The light green against the weathered concrete is both eye catching and calming. Makes you feel relaxed as you anticipate your shopping experience. Splashes of color dot around at every level.

We want the customer to window browse as they pass on the sidewalk. Get them to look at the landscaping and next they’ll be peering in the windows. That’s what I created with DeLugas’ Christmas store front displays.

I wasn’t going to miss this chance to let the flowers grow between the fence pickets. Makes folks smile as they cross over the threshold. It’s just one last chance to appreciate the business before they speak with a salesman. Almost everyone looks down when they open the front door.

There needs to be varying heights as done here with the Popcorn grafted shrub rose. There is another store front landscaping idea beyond and I’ve planted two roses to mark the beginning and ending of this cottage fairyland setting.

One topiary rose on each end of the property helps to mark the territory.

Both topiary rose trees are coming back in bloom after about 3 weeks of rest. They will cycle off and off until frost.

Don’t forget that under the awning and further back toward the store–you’ll have unique sun requirements. I’ve used begonias and impatiens for the shadier needs. They still pack non stop color and come in attractive colors and textures. Angel Wing begonias are fabulous for this instance because some store fronts have both harsh sun and shade as a challenge.

A major challenge for store front landscaping ideas is the need for tall plants that flower throughout the growing season. I addressed that issue with a cleome cultivar. They do not seed and achieve drawing the eye upwards toward the window.

A gate that leads to the window beyond this setting was placed as so because the owner’s list of services was painted on the glass. Customers might miss this information if it weren’t for the clever direction your eye takes as you admire the flow of the flowers.

Every angle was considered when it came to drawing the customer in the door.

Six packs of annuals are the focus for  this container arrangement idea. Don’t be boring. Use two different varieties.

Softscapes, hardscapes, texture, and color are all used to create June DeLugas Interiors store front curb appeal.

I’m sure you’ll agree. This is a place you’d feel would take care of your questions. They would be more inclined to give you personal service. That’s exactly how June wants you to feel. June DeLugas Interiors sells new and antique garden decor as part of their whole home decorating business. Drop by to see the showroom or call and make an appointment with June for your interior design consultation.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Melissa Moore says:

    Absolutely beautiful to my eyes! This type of outdoor decor for a retail shop would definitely grab my attention. It would lure me in, thinking, if the outside looks this inviting, imagine what the inside looks like! Magnificent job!! I REALLY need to come by and see it in person.


  2. Very beautiful! Ironically there’s a gas station across the street from Greenleaf Nursery that does the same thing. Granted they’re a gas station, just your typical lake side, family owned gas station, but every summer they plant 8 to 10 enormous hanging baskets with Lantana and sweet potato vines that stretch probably 10 feet. By July the vines will be touching and crawling down the sidewalk. They’re the envy of every home owner here in Green Country.


  3. A very nice, warm, inviting display. It gives a sense of residential too, like home for the customer. Immediately creates a mood of welcome..


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