The Mysterious Hyssop Healer

The mysterious hyssop healer travels from the beginning of time and becomes the drug of the 21st century. Hyssop or agastache as it is sometimes called shows modern day hope for the eradication of the AIDs virus and numerous cancers. Hyssop is antimicrobial, anti fungal, and anti viral at the cellular level with its ability to seek and destroy potential predators from the viral and microbial world. Is the new drug for the herpes virus and heralded as the new hope for many cancer treatments.

Certain properties in the hyssop plant will seek and destroy bacteria and viruses before they affect your body cells. Much is known about the plant and it’s oils but more is being studied about using it with other plant extracts. A variety of uses from flavor additives to bath oils are concocted. It is anti inflammatory and eases mucous drainage for colds and sinus issues. It’s just about a miracle plant. Chosen in biblical times to cleanse from sin and protect from evil. It was an additive in the meat sacrifices for the cleansing of sins during Old Testament times.

My favorite pastor is Dr. David Jeremiah. I listened to one of his older messages last night as I was sitting in the parking lot of a chinese restaurant. My husband left the radio on to go order— wait for the take out —– Dr. David Jeremiah was talking about ‘Slaying the Giant of Guilt’. Now one does not expect to be blessed in the parking lot of a restaurant while dressed in a comfy clothes and surrounded by folks busy coming and going. But I was….I was tremendously blessed.

The topic of the sermon was…..How can you deal with guilt.? The following is my version of Dr. Jeremiah’s message and you’ll understand what peaked my interest in hyssop. I grow hyssop in my gardens every year because it attracts butterflies by the hundreds. I’m sure the medicinal qualities of the plant help to protect the butterfly too.

The Sermon;

We don’t have to live with the burden guilt every day. If you do, you’ll be sick mentally and physically.

King David was the greatest king ever. He was a mighty warrior. Greatly respected and known for his goodness. While home taking a break from the stresses of war—— King David had an affair with Bathsheba. David saw Bathsheba taking a bath and then an affair ensued. Bathsheba became pregnant while her husband Uriah was away at war.

King David fearing the shame and sin of the situation decided to bring Uriah home for a visit with his wife. Bathsheba then could claim the child to be that of her husband. Uriah was brought home and dined with David. David said to him…go home and be with your wife. Uriah was a honored soldier and refused in such pleasure when his men were suffering in battle. David tried to send Uriah away but upon morning found Uriah sleeping on the palace steps.

David sent Uriah back to the battle field and included a note to Joab. Joab was dedicated to David and also his nephew. Joab commanded the armies of King David.  The note said to send Uriah to the front of the most fierce battle and then retreat and leave him there. Uriah died and this was David’s solution to the problem of finding an appropriate answer for Bathsheba’s predicament.

King David was a man of God. Men and women of God commit sin every hour of every day and when you truly fellowship with God then you know and and are miserable when that fellowship is broken. David had no peace in his heart after one year of Uriah’s death. David became depressed in his soul, his body, and is countenance.

In Psalm 32 and verse 3, David dealt with the depressions of his sin. His transgressions against God’s will for David’s life came in the form of….  Silence..he could not speak to anyone for he was extremely distraught. His bones grew old from his groaning. He could not talk to God about anything cause he held inequity in his heart. He was cut off from God. He became physically ill. His vitality was turned to the drought of summer. His freshness was gone. His conscience was filled with sorry.

He couldn’t confide in anyone. No one knew what David had done. except Bathsheba and Joab.  The anguish of his guilt cut him off from God and was consuming David.

Psalm 51 tells us…heart wrenching , agony, hurt and unhappiness. The story recorded in 2nd Samuel shows how God brought Nathan along to give David the kick in the pants needed to get back right with God. God does that you know….he brings circumstance along often and those situations will present opportunity for you to work right where wrong was done.

God revealed to Nathan all that David had done with Bathsheba and Uriah. So Nathan went to David and told this story—-A rich man and poor man dwell together in a land. There is a little lamb loved by the poor man. The poor man treats the little lamb as a child holding it in his arms and carrying it everywhere they go. A visitor comes along who is tired and thirsty. The rich man chooses none of his own flock to feed the hungry man but instead kills the little lamb for the meal.

David listens and is saddened greatly becoming mad and offering up ideas for this rich man’s punishment. Saying the rich man should suffer consequences and pay 4 times the debt owed to the poor man. Nathan turns to David and says….this rich man is…you.

David immediately recognizes this and confronts his part in this sin. He is somewhat relieved the sin has been aired but is tormented by what he has done to God. David knows he has affected a lot of people but it is the sin against God which matters most. He sees the rich man, Uriah is the poor man, and Bathsheba is the lamb. David begins his healing process by taking responsibility for the sin. David is confronted with his sin which is the beginning of the restoration of his health and his joy.

He began to deal with his sin. How do you deal with guilt…call out to God. Understand that David accepts full responsible for his sin. He did not push it off anyone else. He did not make excuses. In Psalm 51, he acknowledges his transgressions. That is a lost art in our generation. We excuse our sins by blaming others or making excuses. You can’t be free of this guilt until you own it. If you keep covering and hiding….you will never know relief.

He begs God to have mercy…cleanse me….He sinned agasint god and ask for God to forgive him. You know when someone is asking to be forgiven sincerely or not. They will take full responsibility. He didn’t blame heredity or society….he claimed his own sin and that all sin grieves God.

David used these words to describe what he had done against God.  He had transgressed….he revolted against the law of God. Inequity. perverseness of man’s nature. miss the mark. Evil..a vile thing deserves condemnation. We try to pass a sin off as less than what it is and David did this by killing Uriah to cover the sin. He belittled Uriah’s life and he ruined that of Bathsheba’s.

David was left with a broken spirit and contrite heart…that God despises. If you want forgiveness and freedom from guilt…you have to acknowledge what you have done to God. In Psalm 32:5.—David acknowledges his sin, takes responsibility…then makes a confession. David says to God….against you and you only have I sinned. He didn’t forgot others were hurt but God is the only one who can cleanse the sin.

When you sin…you first and foremost disappoint God and cut off your relationship with him. After that…you will be miserable. Only God can forgive sin. David realizing the depth of what he had done starts his pleading with God to restore the relationship. !God, please remove my sin. Purge me. Wash me. Hide your face from my sin. Blot out my inequities.

David describes the act of God forgiving him of his sins. Lord take away the leprosy from my soul.

Hyssop was a cleanser in the time. It was used when you had come in contact with a dead body or person of illness. We can understand why because if you touched a dead body then you were probably infected with who knows what. Hyssop was the clorox of the day.

— Psalm 51-:7….David says….Wash me with hyssop. Hyssop was mentioned by David because it was a strong anti-evil..anti-death…antiseptic…and just about any kind of anti you needed. David needed to be free of anything that separated him from his relationship with God .David wanted his joy restored.

“Wash me with hyssop. This stain on my soul.”

David asked God to blot out his sins.

God will forgive you and restore your joy. If you lack joy…it’s cause God has not given it back to you. Your sin and guilt are lurking. David didn’t lose his salvation…he lost his joy. When you get on the other side of a great sin and feel the burden lifted…you don’t ever want to go through it again. You start making covenants with God…God if I come out of this….Lord God I pray you will never let this happen to me again.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven. Happy is he whose sin is forgiven. There is no sin that is too great to be forgiven by God. When your relationship is restored to God…your joy will be returned no matter where you are or what you doing with your life. Happiness will be restored. Forgiveness with others is like that too….forgive those who transgress against you for you restore their joy.

You’ll be hearing a lot about hyssop this year. There is nothing new under the sun…just new uses for what was always there.

While studying hyssop for this article, I described amazing things about it’s properties. Amazing things about what it will do to fight cancers and the new super bugs. It will be used to replace the preservatives in foods in the near future as the cry for the substituting of toxic substances in our food is rewarded.

Hyssop has the ability to cross a cell membrane and seek out the defective protein causing the cell to act dysfunctional. Hyssop is a policing and healing plant. That is how it was used in the bible too. Hyssop stems were used in applying blood across the tops of the doors belonging to the Israelites when the pharaoh sent a death wish to every first born in the land. Hyssop helped to seek and destroy the evil spirit(plague) sent to kill their children. The pharaoh’s own son was killed on that day for he had no blood and hyssop across his door.

Folklore medicine has always used hyssop to treat colds and infection. Hyssop is being studied for it’s use with fibromyalgea which is thought to be an immune system depression.

Hyssop is the mysterious healer that is and will forever be studied with new uses continually discovered.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful post. I always wondered about that verse “wash me with hyssop”, I never understood why he said hyssop. Thank you for explaining this. I have hyssop growing in my vegetable garden and was just googling what to do it with and came across your article.


    1. Thank you Jennifer. I very much enjoyed writing the article. It was my pleasure.


  2. Hello Anna,
    So glad you blog is back up and I had the pleasure of this article. I know you have done a lot of different things in your very interesting life but, you may just have to add — preacher. Well done Girl. I was enlightened, entertained AND encouraged! Good stuff all! Keep up the good work!


    1. Oh my goodness Teresa…love your comment. Love you too. Thank you


  3. I enjoyed learning all about hyssop. Nature really is amazing with the healing powers of plants. It is like you said, ‘there is nothing new, just new uses.’ Let’s hope hyssop will do all that they think it might.


  4. Kristy says:

    Just a quick note to let you know I liked this message.


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