Here’s a quickie…


Here’s a quickie,  —- made you look. I don’t know what these flowers are because I’ve completely forgotten. I know they were all over my garden when I planted them.

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  1. Anna,please, STOP deleting your blog and your FB page. You are driving me nuts! One day you are here, the next day you are gone! It’s maddening!!!!

    Just get back to it and move forward. I miss you;-)


    1. Jan–It gave me a chance to clean house. I got rid of a bunch of stuff. I had to form a clean plate and start over. You are probably the only who noticed I took it off line. Most people don’t even pay attention.


  2. Scott Weber says:

    Beautiful shot…I’m a pink/blue/purple lover too! I’m pretty sure the one in the foreground is Nepeta…the background mostly likely a Salvia of some sort 🙂


  3. Lisa Renee says:

    Aren’t they blue forget-me-nots?

    Seriously, I think so!


  4. They are pretty whatever their name!


  5. Wish I knew the name, Anna. But I do know they are lovely. I am partial to purple and lavender flowers. So so pretty. Kind of remind me of Alaska fireweed, but I don’t think so.


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