Hanging baskets of Anchorage, Alaska

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When I heard that my neighbors Bob and Alamedia were going to Alaska on a halibut fishing trip, I said take your camera. They go ever year and last year it was for salmon. Bob and I go pick out flowers for his garden beds and he often rewards me with some prized salmon or just recently his famous salmon cheese ball. So I’ll be anxiously awaiting the recent halibut trip. He remembered to take some flower photos for me and now I’m sharing with you. That blue is gorgeous.

Alaska has the most beautiful hanging baskets and flower beds right on their busy city streets. The long sunny days and cooler temps are the perfect ingredient for huge healthy flowering annuals. Sure makes me want to visit.


**** Anna is currently working on a novel called Singing Behind the Trowel and will be doing lots of research about it over the next year. You can read some introduction material about it HERE.

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  1. joey says:

    Lots of hugs, Anna. Can’t wait to read it!


  2. What a neat slideshow, Anna. Oh this brings back such fond memories for me. We lived in Anchorage for nearly 6 years. Their flowers and garden vegetables are terrific because of the long daylight hours. I noticed that your neighbors snapped a pretty shot of Alaskan Fireweed, a prevalent wildflower in Alaska. It blooms from the bottom petals and works its way up. We loved going cranberry picking in Alaska. They have both low and high bush cranberries. Our sons enjoyed the jelly I made from the cranberries.


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