A Country Breakfast

Sunny yellows and blues welcome guest to a hearty breakfast at The Baird House in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. Deede Pope prepared comfort foods like applewood bacon, scrambled eggs, hash brown casserole, and country-style biscuits with fruit preserves. Good food that sticks to your ribs and sustains you through a day of treasure hunting and sightseeing in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Every now and then, I think a person ought to have a big country breakfast. You need to set the table with napkins and pretty place mats. Eggs are easy to fix and biscuits come frozen these days with a quick pop in the oven for just like grandma made.

Pick a sunny place and add shouts of color in the serving pieces. You won’t believe what it will do for your happy gauge. Make sure there is an activity planned afterwards or you’ll drop off to sleep till evening.

If you decide to set the table and serve up a bountiful breakfast, come back and let me know how it changed your day. If you have a breakfast recipe you’d like to share—I would love hearing about it. Just leave a comment for me.

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  1. I think it makes it a bit more spectacular when having a big country breakfast once in awhile. And why not create an atmosphere as pleasant and inviting as these photos. Just beautiful!


  2. We make time on Saturday mornings for a beautiful breakfast viewing the garden – even if it has to be from inside. Regular weeknight cooking may not happen, but with the kids grown, we can give this gift to ourselves regularly. And buying dishes for only 2 lets me have quite a collection to match our mood of the day.


  3. Daricia says:

    what a treat for the fruit to be served like that! pretty room, too. im inspired!


  4. Once in a while, a big country breakfast is wonderful for the heart and the soul. I love the fresh crisp blues and whites in The Baird House’s table setting. I could eat a country breakfast any time of the day. We usually have a breakfast like that at dinner time. Love that term “happy gauge”, Anna. You rock.


  5. So true about the activity after. i love Band Bs who serve a hearty breakfast. And I love the ideas…such cheer and comfort!!


  6. I usually agree with you but this time I’m afraid we’re on opposite sides of the issue……I think a person should have a big country breakfast like the one in the picture everyday after you back in from piddling in the garden say about 10 o’clock….So that’s coffee at 5 a.m., deadheading at 5:30 a.m., watering containers at 6 a.m. and general tidying up in the borders more coffee, more tidying up and then around 10 or so a big old country breakfast……Of course I’d mentioned this to my wife but I got a sneaky suspicion that my wife would agree with you on this, you know, a big country breakfast every now and then…:-)


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