Did you plant sunflowers?


This sunny sunflower mix was in a package sold in Kmart under the Martha Stewart name. They germinated well and were various sizes and kinds. Sunflowers really do make a cottage garden pop. If you have a sunflower garden, I’d like to see. Leave me a link to your album and I’ll come take a look. I’m putting an article together for the autumn issue of the magazine and I want to feature sunflower gardens. I’m also looking for scarecrows and pumpkin themed natural arrangements.

Let’s see what you got!

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  1. Pamm Reynolds says:

    Hope this link works, for giant sunflowers from my garden



  2. deekink says:

    Here’s my photo….complete with a little bee 🙂 http://www.realcountryliving.com/flowers/sunny-bee/


  3. Cheery faces Anna! I hope you are enjoying the summer! I miss growing sunflowers . . . rabbits love them.


  4. Diana says:

    Luv the sunflowers, Anna. I started some seed earlier and got a few planted, but with our cold and rain, they are struggling just a bit; hopefully we have some warmer temps coming and I’ll be able to share them as they grow.


  5. Linda Arbour says:

    I’m sure this will work Anna, but lets try….Linda


    1. Linda–it’s gorgeous!!! I copied and pasted the link and it worked. Thank you


  6. Lisa Cerasoli-McCarty says:


    I’m not sure if this worked or not but my album is called “shop and house fall 2010” on my FB page!
    Thank you!
    Lisa McCarty


    1. Lisa it works perfectly! And thank you—I’m just now browsing through. Lovely photos.


  7. Mark says:

    You want sunflower images? I have a few here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mhall209/5953281138/


    1. Thank you Mark! Excellent photos and love the bees!


  8. Jim Lewis says:

    Well, mine are not the traditional large sunflowers, but Barbara planted these Helianthis Maximiliani as part of the perrenial beds, which last year bloomed spectacularly in the late summer/fall, but for some strange reason, they were done by the 3rd week of June this year. Probably the June heat in the Carolinas this year. I hope they come back. They are magnificently tall, and I like them because the remind me of home in central Illinois, as I think they are native prairie flowers of the midwest. I’ll email a picture to you, although these may not be the “sunflowers” you are looking for.


    1. Would love to see them Jim and so sorry they are gone this season. How sad. You can send the photos to annalooper at gmail dot com


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