What goes on in my mind when I view my flower gardens

Today, my brain is fried from the heat and so the conversation that follows is somewhat of a sarcastic rant about the gardens. Next post will return to lots of fun educational stuff that you have all grown accustomed to at flowergardengirl. I apologize ahead of time.

In spite of the heat——Wow, I’m a freaking genius. I grew these hydrangeas from a 5″ pot and last year I whacked them down in the autumn hoping I had not killed them. Managed to fertilize them in February and it worked. Amazing the ferns have survived this blasted heat. The clock needs a new battery. Plant shade plants in the front beds next summer. Don’t cut the hydrangeas this year and see what happens next season. Make out with Mr D in the swing.

Wow, hoping the Bright Eyes phlox will be a huge bunch I can divide in the spring.  Looking at that bee balm knowing it will reseed like crazy and make me a seedling pulling maniac next season. I love my rock. I love everybody who loves rock. If you don’t like rock then I don’t like you. Well maybe I do like people who don’t like rock–let me think about it.

Coneflowers, phlox, petunias, verbena, and pine straw. Pine straw does best at keeping down weeds and people who want to walk barefoot in my gardens. Add more containers to the beds–I like containers.

And the big old blooms of the annabelle cultivars. Love the lime green. Don’t put a petunia in the shade. Keep the feeders full as the birds are depending on you while the sun bares down on the earth so intently. Like 100+ today and everyone including grandma–was sweating.

And painted pots…paint more pots in fun colors.

Some days–less words are needed and more pictures are the only thing that works. I’ve been writing about plants for the better part of 10 years. I’m allowed one random post.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Keith says:

    Wow your garden is beautiful, must take you hours every week to maintain it. How do you keep it so weed free. All I seem to be doing at the moment is pulling up weeds


  2. Mieke'S says:

    Oh wow, that is beautiful!


  3. Love your rantings Anna. Keep ’em coming!!!


  4. Becca says:

    “Anna, Anna, quite bofanna, how does your garden grow?
    With tulip bells and cockel shells and pretty maids all in a row!”
    Love the post!


  5. Yael says:

    I love the green of your annabelle hydrangeas – a little different from the usual. I have a few of the wave petunias, several purples in one pot, but my favorite is the basket I put bright red petunias in with a red lantana with a yellow ring. It makes a great basket for the sun.



  6. Its funny how things turn out. You have a beautiful garden.


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