Helping clients decide on shutter color with mock ups

Update–see the last photo for what they picked! 

Bob and Almedia are my sweet neighbors who let me do just about anything to their landscaping and gardens. Bob and Almedia have raised a gang of kids and neighborhood kids in this beautiful home. They are ready to change the outside shutters and go all white with the trim. They already thought I was pretty fantastic but this week I sealed the deal when I showed them a mock up with new color choices.

First we discussed having a rich dark red door and these shutters in Azores Blue. You can see I virtually  painted the trim white and painted the shutters this pretty greenish blue color.

All the options are below and so which one would you pick? I’ll be back to let you know what they think.


And after meeting with Bob and Almedia—here is what they chose:

Shutter are Mahogany Brown and front door is Peale Green


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  1. How fun for you and the neighbors!
    I liked the darkest shutters in the photos…which I now assume are the brown. And I guess the ones they chose. But….the door in green….doesn’t really work for me….but it is more inviting that the original dark door. Since I can’t actually see the brick colors….I don’t know that I can make another suggestion. But…it’s easy to repaint doors and a bright color is fun and inviting, especially on a classic home. I’d vote for a door in something of a organish rust…if that goes with the brick.


  2. Yael says:

    I really have two that I like. I like #4(the terra cotta), and # 7(the sage green)

    #4 is in the same color range as the house without much contrast, but it works for me and is soothing.

    #7 is a light contrast to the brick, but not too much and seems to bring in the green of the landscape.

    I also like #2 because of the contrast to the brick, but not as much as #4 or #7.



  3. Robin says:

    I like #2! I am thinking of painting my own burgundy shutters black. I personally prefer a more classic look that won’t become outdated after a few years.


  4. Randy Emmitt says:


    I’d go with #2 the white shutters look boring to me. This house needs more life and darker shutters help a lot.


  5. Sheron Olson says:

    Anna, I’m with the Blue!


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