Multicolored re-blooming lace cap hydrangea!

This hydrangea shows off all summer long and during its bloom cycle you can see multiple colors.

This hydrangea, Let’s Dance, gets between 6 to 8 feet tall and wide. It likes moist but not wet soil and morning sun. Mine is currently 5 feet tall and has blooms all summer long. It blooms on old and new wood.

I’m not really fond of lace caps but this one is an exception. I’ve moved it three times to finally find this spot where it is thriving. In our hot and even more hot—like today it’s a heat index of 111—this is protected from afternoon sun. It would die in a day if out exposed.

This is a good dried hydrangea too—I use it to decorate with in the winter. It will turn brown and beige–but it’s pretty. You could spray paint it when dried.

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  1. anna I love your blog page and have enjoyed sharing pictures on the fleamarket gardening facebook page,I have been sending all my customers to you,I am in the process of setting up my garden blog (karen valentine is designing it for me).It has been so awesome to talk and share inspiring ideas with all your viewers. My business name is natures hide a way nursery and gardens,and the facebook page is natures hideaway,we have two great gardenstyle craft shows a year one in may and one comming up in october.I f you ever find yourself in the lovely state of Louisiana we would love to host you and show you around.Happy gardening from kathy ,m email is


  2. joey says:

    Love hydrangeas, Anna. Mine are exceptional this year … come visit 🙂 Stay cool!


  3. cindy says:

    I must say I am so jealous. Your flower garden is just out of this world.

    Have any ideas on plants for a shade garden in zone 6?

    Love your site,


  4. lionmom100 says:

    I love hydrangeas, and this one is exceptional. Unfortunately, I have far too much sun in my yard to have more than three. A good portion of our Northwest summer would be OK, but that brief spurt of hot, blazing sun would be sure to do one in in our area without a little more shade.



  5. Kathy says:

    I agree with you. I have in the past not liked lace caps, although I love hydrangeas. I had seen a couple of pictures of this one, or one very like it, and I liked it a lot. To my surprise. I’ve tried to figure out what causes this. I think the variegated colors keep it from looking skimpy. And the color might be more overwhelming on one of those giant puff-ball blooms. Anyhow, I loved your photos of it.


  6. Racquel says:

    It’s a beauty Anna. Looks like it’s worth moving it a few times to keep it happy. 🙂


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