Happy Memorial Day from this patriotic front porch

Flying patriotically from this Happy Memorial Day front porch are the American flag and North Carolina flag. Banners on the porch railings show the pride and appreciation the homeowner has for their freedom.

Located in the town of Mocksville, North Carolina are some of the prettiest and oldest homes in the region. Mocksville is the burial place of Squire and Sarah Boone parents of Daniel Boone. It is a sleepy little town today with tons of citizen involvement and a place of rest for those who commute from Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston Salem. Professionals in furniture and medicine, merchants, farmers, and wine makers are some of the regions employers.

As you celebrate the freedom born on the backs of men and women who serve to make this nation great—remember the small town America where the moms and dads reside— who reared the children—- who answered the call.

My front porch with lots of American flags–see HERE




Waving your colors! Here ( more posts on front porches with flags)

A post I did on, Battle Hymn of the Republic



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  1. Happy Memorial Day, Anna! I love big front porches with American flags!


  2. Love this post, and love your patriotism. I’m right there with you. Thank you for serving and your husband too. So proud of you both and of our country, and those who have given all.


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