Coffee Table Book of Irises

I’m working on a coffee table ¬†book of irises and here is one of the best photos included. It is a book of beauty, color and full of verse.

There are macro shots and those from a distance–meant to be given to a friend, a mom, a lover of flowers, a token of kindess……

All photos are high quality digital images and taken by Flowergardengirl. Varieties are not identified as it is just a book of beauty with verse and thought—meant for quiet appreciation of the iris and not research.

Watch for A Field of Iris Blooms by Flowergardengirl to come out in about a month. Subscribe to this post and I will shout out an update when it’s ready for purchase. When available, it will be offered in print and as a downloadable pdf.

Warmest wishes from North Carolina~~ Anna

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Congratulations to you!

    Sounds wonderful and deserves to be on many a coffee table. The colour of the iris in the first photo is stunning!


  2. That field of iris blooms deserves it’s own book! It’s gorgeous…and your book will be, too!


  3. gardenwhimsiesbymary says:

    These are just gorgeous . . . can’t wait to see the completed book.


  4. These pictures are sooooo beautiful! I’m sure the book will be a real treasure. I do so love Irises.


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