Front Porch decorating coming for 2011, sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek at the fabric for the front porch makeover. The upholsterer is coming to get all my wicker tomorrow. The two chairs on the right will be covered in a fabric the color of the beige in my stone—the one chair with ottoman is the blue/grey in the stone–and the sofa is the print which includes the color of the stone and the siding. The swing will be covered in chocolate brown. Throw pillows will be a mix of all the colors. So here is the sneak peek! 

Mr D had a lot to do with this year’s selection. I first picked out and even purchased blue shabby chic fabric—next it was pretty pinks and lavender—then Mr D really liked this. He’s so classy don’t you think? He chooses timeless pieces and I’ll need to add some of the style for the accent pieces. It all should be done in about a week. It will be so soft cushy.

Boy is that outdoor foam expensive. it was pricier than the material. Foam is less expensive but retains water and promotes mildew. So we paid extra to get the outdoor foam. I want the sofa cushion all one piece as before it was 3 separate cushions. Same for the back–I want it all one piece. I’ll keep you updated as things progress. I have to make decisions on piping and corners.

The cushions will be mostly protected but everyone now and then a strong storm sends rain and debri on to the porch. This is why I choose outdoor fabrics. They have so many selections these days.

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  1. Not sure how I missed this post, Anna. I love the fabric Mr. D chose for your front porch. Can’t wait to see it – and hope I didn’t miss the “after” post. Your porch is one of my absolute favorites ever.


  2. peppylady says:

    Looks like you got your work cut out for you.

    Coffee is on


  3. gardenwhimsiesbymary says:

    What an amazing porch you have Anna. Can’t wait to see it again after the redo. Love the colors you’ve chosen. Best wishes for many, many hours spent enjoying your new porch.



  4. Debbie McMurry says:

    Can’t wait to see finished look! I love decorating outside!!


  5. Nice! Can’t wait to see the finished product. But I like the coverings you have on the furniture now, too!


  6. becca says:

    Wow Anna! I love these colors! And you are right about the great outdoor fabrics on the market today…so many choices. I can hardly wait to see your porches transformed ❤


  7. that porch is so fabulous, you could sit on tin cans and it would still be a delight. But wicker? Oh luxury of luxury. I know it will be beautiful and look forward to seeing the finished product.


  8. Ann Wilson says:

    I liked the green chickens. Just send them to me. It looked so inviting I just wanted to curl up and read a book and I don’t read. I do write. So can I have the chicken covers? I will cover some pillows for my porch.


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