Rocking Chairs in April Cornell style


These are the rocking chairs on my back porch. The fabrics are April Cornell. The matching napkins are used as cushion covers. I attached buttons to the cushions and then made button holes on the napkins to help hold it all in place. If you put buttons on all your cushions—placed right in the corners—then you can change out the covers very easily and frequently. Napkins are easy to wash too so when the pollen or diners soil them up=–then just change them out. Lots easier than washing the covers.

The napkins on the backs are just placed there to show you how it would look if you added a head rest. You could glue a button in place to keep the napkins secure.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. I applaud your good taste and ingenuity.


  2. Debbie McMurry says:

    Cute fabric! I have those same two green rockers on my front porch! Great ideas.


  3. Darling idea. I love April Cornell fabrics, and I also love rocking chairs. Together they are smashing. You are one creative chick!


  4. Beth says:

    Hmmmm, interesting idea! Bet I could do that with my dining room chair cushions. The cats lay on them and then I can’t get them clean without running them thru the washer. It’s a royal pain to get the covers off and on the pad! But if I put buttons and made a few broadcloth covers…..shabam! Quick and easy. Thanks!


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