Whitewashed Brick Homes of the Old South Style


You can not pass this home without thinking of plantations and southern magnolias. Whitewashed brick homes of the Old South style are a popular trend today. In my series on painted brick and whitewashed brick, we’ve seen a mostly white affect. Today’s post features the white as a subtle accent. It might not seem so subtle but compared to THIS HOME, very little white is exposed in the picture above.

There are just as many degrees of whitewash as there are stars in the sky. Whitewashed brick homes are rare outside of the South. Some cottage or English style neighborhoods of the North and Great Lakes area have them but out West it’s very rare. I’ve lived from coast to coast and preferred to settle back in North Carolina where the limbs swing low and the people talk slow. This has been my home through 9 generations of children born to my mother’s and father’s side of my ancestry.

I grew up playing in these homes, having tea parties, and wishing to plant my gardens in a patch of Old South soil. A place where tradition and biscuits are served on a daily basis. A place where oak trees have heard my great great great grandparents grumble at the heat and humidity. A place where the roads were gravel with ruts from wagon wheels carrying tobacco to market. A place where whitewashed brick was a necessity to keep the bricks safe from mold and decay while keeping the house several degrees cooler. This is home and nothing smells or looks the same.

Whitewashed brick is coming back cause it never left or went out of style. When new homeowners search for what fits the neighborhoods, they turn to the past which was slow, melodic, and decorated with history. There’s a new take on the old and I think designers are doing an excellent job of marrying the days gone by with where do we park the car.

Sidewalks are coming back too and folks enjoy looking at these kinds of homes and strolling past to catch glimpses of the goings on behind the electric candle lit windows. We Southerners are a nosey chatty bunch and do so while remaining proper and respectful. A sidewalk lets you appear as though exercise is the intent and all the while just being inquisitive is the motive.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Scott says:

    Love it…really does make me yearn for a cold lemonade on a shady porch!


  2. Kathleen says:

    Anna, this is beautifully written. Makes me miss the south even more. I used to have homemade biscuits every day. What I wouldn’t do for that today!


  3. Pat Ingle says:


    Thank you so much for this series. It has been such a pleasure to read, and the photography is stunning .
    Keep up the great work !


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