White on White Painted Brick with Side Front Porch

Here we see a white on white painted brick home with a side front porch. Side front porches have remained popular in the South because we are still a very social bunch. It allows some privacy and collects the breezes which might be blocked if located on the front or back of the home. Let’s you see what is happening with your neighbors and engage them if you are pleased to do so.

A return to the front porch is coming back as folks spend more time at home due to the economy. And I must say it was a pleasure driving around taking this series on painted and whitewashed homes. Many families were out front with their children, walking on the sidewalks, riding bikes, and visiting with each other. Many were interested in what I was doing and excited I was sharing their home. They wished you a happy spring from NC.

This is part of a series on whitewashed and painted brick homes which are becoming hugely popular these days. More and more young families are moving in established neighborhoods and renovating the old 50’s homes with this modern Old South look.

Undulating brick is a stand out characteristic made even more beautiful when painted. It’s a busy style which the current owners have mellowed by making the paint scheme monochromatic.

The stone front porch pillars and landing are an update on what was probably a brick build initially. The monochromatic theme is continued with the light colored stone.

Railings on the side porch echo the diamond pattern on the front picture window. The diamond pattern is tamed by the little round boxwoods nicely lining the front beds. Hats off to the designer for marrying the whole project.

In another POST in this series, I’ve shown you what the undulating brick pattern looks like when you whitewash this brick and make a speckled pattern out of the exposed red brick. The first post in this series is HERE. . Please see the category, Whitewashed Brick on my sidebar to see them all.

What are your favorite features on this home? Are you considering whitewashed or painted brick? I’ll be posting on this subject quite a bit over the next couple of days. I hope you enjoy them all. I enjoyed taking the photos for you.

Did you see the front porch sconce–it’s a gas lamp….very warm and inviting. Also note the swing on the side porch. This is a home you can’t wait to return to.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelsey says:

    Fun house! I like how the color scheme let’s u appreciate the lovely green landscaping.


  2. joey says:

    This looks so like my neighborhood, Anna! We could be neighbors! Old/new updated homes … we are both blessed to be surrounded in beauty.


    1. Joey wishing very much that you were my neighbor but—I don’t know if we have lakes as pretty as yours–you might get homesick. I would sure love it.


  3. Anna, thank you! The color and texture of the brick gives this home curb appeal galore. I am very fond of side porches. Don’t see them in too many places but they are so welcoming. The diamond pattern in the porch railings and the picture window are a true delight. I can’t wait to see the rest of your series, Anna. Is that a paper birch in the front yard?


    1. Mary–I remembered that you liked side porches. I also saw some pretty flags. I did take a photo to share with ya’ll. Gary will tell you that I kept saying—-gotta get that porch for Dave and Mary.

      Seems like those side porches are the new rage and we saw lots that had been added recently. These homes are in the city but have huge lots—there is plenty of room to add a side porch.


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