The Spectacular North Carolina Azaleas

It’s that time of year when the spectacular North Carolina azaleas become the main attraction. We are fortunate that the dogwoods and ‘Redbud’ trees are blooming at the same time. These photos are from a home in one of our older neighborhoods. The owners planted masses of the same color on every level of their landscaping. It was truly spectacular.

Happy Spring from North Carolina!

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  1. Betty819 says:

    See these beautiful azaleas is making me homesick! Wilmington is so beautiful this time of the year. If you are there with your hubby for a meeting, be sure to visit Airlie Gardens near Wrightsville Beach, Orton Plantation(Rt. 133 over in Brunswick County) and Greenfield Gardens in Wilmington.


  2. Ginababes says:

    WOW those azaleas are beautiful, great pictures!


    1. Hey Ginababes–you gotta go see them. That was one of the prettiest neighborhoods.


  3. Diana says:

    Anna, that is truly a most spectacular sight.


    1. You should of seen my face when we first discovered it Diana—I nearly went nuts. took my breath away.


  4. Azaleas, redbuds and dogwoods are what I love about spring. Your photos are just lovely, Anna – isn’t it great to see so many planted together like that. Breathtaking!


  5. joey says:

    Breathtaking, Anna. When my sister lived in Georgia, we would visit for Easter and almost hear the dogwoods and azaleas POP … yea, Spring!


    1. Yea spring Joey–is right! This year it is busting out all over in NC–one of the best azalea shows in a long time. Must have been all the rain we had last month–made the blooms pop for sure.


  6. Nell Jean says:

    I’m always reminded of wedding cakes when dogwoods and azaleas are in bloom together.


    1. I’ve not heard that Nell Jean but I can see why. It is so pretty here this week…just perfect.


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