Slope Garden Extraordinaire – 2



This garden has never been on a garden tour. Nevertheless, I consider it to be one of the most beautiful gardens which I’ve seen in my life. I’ve been watching it since we moved to our neighborhood. In this post, I included pictures which I began taking in 2005. This garden never disappoints me!


The garden of Mrs. S. is located on a slope. I think she created a masterpiece and managed to showcase each and every plant on this slope.

Canterwood DSC00218

There is no lawn in the garden. All the space is taken by trees, shrubs, ferns and perennials. This is a perfect example of a garden with good bones. Winter or summer, autumn or spring, the garden attracts and excites.


Being of oriental descent, Mrs. S. uses dozens of plants belonging to the Far East which gives a certain oriental flavor to this place. Regular and dwarf conifers, aralias, Japanese maples, shrubs including rhododendrons and azalias create the garden’s core. Meticulously trimmed, they look good all year round, but the garden has the most color in the spring when the shrubs are blooming.


I love the variety of poodle trees and topiaries.

Ground covers, bulbs and perennials are not overwhelming and serve as colorful accents between the shrubs.


Garden decor is limited and very tasteful with most of the pieces located in the back garden.

White on white – why not?

The back garden can’t be seen from the street. I felt privileged to be invited to see it.

It is not one bit less exciting than the front garden.

Rocks creating dry creeks are as decorative as practical.

A fountain is the only big piece of garden decor there.

Sedums, Japanese anemone, crocosmia and ferns together with shrubs surround it.

Hydrangeas and some dahlias add excitement to the autumn garden.

Fuchsias, including tall tree fuchsias, in the front and back gardens are spectacular:

I think the autumn garden is absolutely gorgeous:

Japanese maples are stunning.

What not to love here?

Mrs. S is a hard working lady. A passionate gardener, she does all the job herself without any hired help. Can you imagine pruning and trimming all the plants? I take my hat off to her.


My previous post about a garden on a slope is Slope Garden Extraordinaire. It’s interesting to see how two gardeners approached their slopes. The gardens are very different, but both are oh so charming!

Copyright 2011 TatyanaS

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