Nevermore Will A Flying Flower Drift By You Unnoticed


Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly Butterflies Smell with Antennae and Taste With their Feet

My name is Vickie and I’m Obsessed With Butterflies! Yes, there, I said it. . . I’m also a Wife, Mother and lover of Nature.  Some of my favorite things include old garden roses, butterfly gardening, photography, graphic and web design, cats, games of all sorts, cooking, playing piano and raising butterflies.

anise swallowtail butterfly Taylor with Anise Swallowtail Butterfly

Taylor, my daughter, who’s fascination with butterflies as a child helped to enhance my Obsession for Butterflies.  Together we’ve raised thousands of butterflies, doing our part to increase butterfly awareness and the population of butterflies in Orange County, California. I’m so proud to say she is growing up as a kind, generous, and gentle natured person with a respect for all living things.

Have you ever noticed a large yellow and black butterfly flirting with your citrus tree, or a iridescent orange butterfly fluttering through your passion vine, or maybe evidence that something perhaps very small and securely hidden has been nibbling on your snapdragon flowers?

Red Admiral Butterfly Eggs Tiny Blue Eggs of the Red Admiral Butterfly on Baby Tears Moss

Did you know that only 1-2 out of every 100 butterfly eggs laid will live long enough to become a butterfly?  Who knew that caterpillars consume more vegetation than all other insects combined. In fact, a typical caterpillar gains over 3,000 times its body weight. In human terms this would be like a 10 lb. baby becoming a 3,000 lb. adult! Are you aware that a butterfly chrysalis can take on many disguises, like that of a jade earring jade earring with an elegant band of gold running through,  a scary looking little creature, complete with pointed ears, a sinister nose and glaring eyes or perhaps a tiny golden mirror that mimics the sun? Butterfly Chrysalis Camouflaged as a Scary Looking Little Creature…and once a butterfly emerges from it’s chrysalis, it begins to send out clever messages, using its wings for wing talk which is most effective in attracting the opposite sex, keeping predators at bay or simply for a bit of good old fashion camouflage and disguise.  These “talking wings” say such things as I am not a butterfly…I am a green leaf, I am invisible, I am sunset,  I am anything but a butterfly! The more your learn about butterflies, the more fascinated you too will become.  My butterfly website and “Flutter-Blog” are filled with information on butterflies and butterfly gardening. Ultimately, in our world today, the more that butterflies are admired and supported by people the more likely they are to thrive in the future. Along with my best friend and business partner Kristen, it is our wish that butterflies will continue to grace our world, inspiring generations to come with their miraculous journeys.

Nevermore will a flying flower drift by you unnoticed ~ Kristen D’Angelo, Obsession With Butterflies

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