Herb gardens


Herb Gardens should have a special place in every home.

This little sheet of paper was hanging on a display of Plantation seed packets.  What an interesting way to show how simple and small a garden can be.  The Herb Pharmacy planter is great for small spaces as it can be grown inside and out.  A few changes in the herbs if need be and you could have everything you need.

All Plantation herbs have a small box on the front indicating what it is commonly used for.


On the back along with the other information commonly found is an explanation of just how it is used.


Lift the flap and it tells you how to prepare the herb.

For a novice gardener these seed packets are perfect.  Not only do they look attractive but they are extremely informative.  Some seed packets for herbs will list that they are commonly used for cooking or for medicinal purposes but they usually don’t mention how they can be prepared.

Having the free handout showing just 2 of thousands of ways to create a herb garden adds to the attractiveness of the company.

Container gardening can be just as simple as putting 2 or more compatible plants into a container.  Idea’s can come from the strangest places.  A photo in a magazine, a free handout with seed packets, a book, or just about anything.  Next time you are near the seed packet isle check out what types of herbs are for sale.  See if they mention what they can do for you.

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  1. Very interesting blog, i like it.Thanks for putting up such a wonderful post.It is very helpful for me for doing the gardening


  2. Melissa O'Neil says:

    Found this post too. I think I have one more to find and claim as mine…..so to speak.


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