honey bee gathering pollen in February sunshine

I have three bee hives ,which in a good year can provide me with about 120lb honey or more.

bee hive

Checked my bee hives this afternoon .I thought one had died over the hard winter I opened it up this afternoon and its still alive small but the queen is laying .gave it extra feed .will watch it like a hawk now .

Unfortunatly we have had 2 wet  summers one after the other and the bees have only had enough honey to keep the bees through the winter . I don’t feed sugar syrup , but  I think  they need the vitamins and minerals in their own honey to keep them healthy.

bees going into hive

I don’t keep bees to make money. I keep them as my way of giving something back to nature. My reward is increased pollination of my fruit trees , pea’s ,beens ,strawberries blackcurrants ,gooseberries,  tomatoes and peppers.

Another  bonus  is unusual  is bee polinated seedlings like this lovely red leaved Hellebore

Red leaved Hellebore

The medicinal benifits  of  natural honey

are well known .  I include honey in my hand creams along with bees wax  herbs and flowers.To  make creams such  as mint  foot balm., gardeners hand cream also,honey and bees wax soap with Lavender  or Calendula petals these make excellent birthday and  Christmas presents for my friends and family.

I’ll include a article on how to make hand creams at home in a latter blog.

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