Rescued Flowers


Even though spring is still weeks away, Billy is feverish with garden plans. There’s new ground to break, potatoes to plant, not to mention horse manure to shovel. 

And while I’m excited that the weather has warmed (even though it’s a balmy 74 in February); work needs to be done, “ready or not.” 

Adding to the long list of things to be done at Billy’s, is the need to stop, and smell the daffodils at my home. This year I am blessed to have the chance to enjoy the yellow face of spring. Whatever you call them: jonquils, butter cups, daffy’s, to me they are all “my favorite.” 

Smiling Faces

I talk to these, my children, and they smile. Each rescued from construction sites and certain death, they seem to stand proud knowing they have a new home. “You’re safe now,” I assure them while resisting the urge to pick a handful and carry them inside. They’re free and deserve the chance to stay outside and enjoy the March wind. There’s even one particular bunch protected by a fearsome looking rooster !

Don't mess with his flowers !

I am no master gardener. I do not know the “official” names for these magnificent flowers. I only know they were in danger, and I couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t saved them. This smaller variety I begged from the local grocery store last year just as they were steering the buggy to the dumpster. As an aside, please, please send me an email instead of throwing flowers away. I will come get… I have planted at schools, nursing homes, shipped them to friends…it is senseless for any flower to die, especially when the world needs a little sunshine.

Rescued from Grocery Store, minutes before they were to be deposited in the dumpster.


At Billy’s baby goats have arrived: nine at last count. Their precious bleats resemble the word, “momma, momma.” I’ll post pictures later, if I can tear myself away from the pasture.

We can barely take it all in, this newness; this gift from God; this promise of His love. So before I dash back outside to kiss the babies, I wanted to say, “Hello Spring.” To my Northern friends, hang on, Spring is almost here and with it, The Fever of not enough time to soak in the beauty and wonder of God’s hand.

Renea Winchester is an award-winning author of the book: In The Garden With Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes which was recently nominated for the SIBA award.  In The Garden With Billy is available in Australia, Canada, Europe, and India.  Renea blogs about Billy’s farm at

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