Blue on Blue Flower Container Combinations

Blue on Blue Flower Container Combinations

Blue containers attract the flower gardener more than any other color. Here we see a pretty tin container with lobelia ‘Sky Blue’

and it always looks together with yellow! lobelia ‘Blue Sky’ with yellow nemesia

I can’t go a summer without planting angelonia( tall plant). It comes in pink, white, purple, and a blue. See the PW site for options. The pretty blue centers of Supertunia ‘Mini Veined Blue’ makes this a nice harmonious combination.

Scaevola ‘Whirlwind Blue’

You can’t go wrong with a birdhouse close by and the sweet heavenly scent of heliotrope ‘Atlantis’

having grey close by softens the look…..

Here is a bright blue in the Leadwort contrasting against the angelonia.

So go out and create a blue container and then pair them together with blue birdhouses, dishes, pitchers, candles, …….

all photos curtesy of Proven Winners Plants.

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  1. Hi, flowergardengirl,
    I liked your excellent images of flowers, but I particularly liked the first blue container. I think it highlights the natural beauty of the plant and it will be a real eye-turner in any garden.
    Another thing I find fascinating is the minimal size of the plants in your pictures. It’s really nice to keep a small size and combine wonderful colors. They are all little perfect natural wonders.
    What a weird and extraordinary scientific name for a flower: “Ceratostigma”! I believe it’s a Greek word. In fact they are two words: “Cerato”, which means “Horn” and “Stigma”, which means “Spot”. So, Ceratostigma literally means: “A horn point”.


  2. Love, love, love blue flowers. So nice of God to add that color to the yellow/orange/red/pink/purple flower spectrum. Swoosh! Here comes blue to cool off and counterpoint all that warmth. Beautiful, Anna.

    PS. Can you come to VA and plant my first veggie garden ever for me? I’m scared! And the deer and the critters are probably going to eat all my hard work. Why don’t you do a couple of posts for the novice veggie gardener, my friend.


  3. Will these be added to your greeting card collection? Because they would be perfect photos for note cards. Lovely, Anna, just lovely!


  4. joey says:

    Outstanding offerings, Anna. I love them all.


  5. peppylady says:

    All so pretty. Anything like that in my neck of the woods won’t happen this weekend.
    We have snow and cold below zero coming up.

    Coffee is on.


  6. Diana says:

    Anna, love the blues in the garden: salvia patens, salvia uliginosa, delphiniums… and my eyes are always drawn to the various blue pots we have in the garden. One of my favorites: a blue pot with Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’. Hope you had fun this week.


  7. Kathleen says:

    They are all knock-outs Anna.


  8. Donna says:

    gorgeous containers…love some of the pairings..thx nneded some inspiration in all this snow!!


  9. michele says:

    My favorite blue in the garden is borage. I just love its beaky little flowers!


  10. Sylvia (England) says:

    Anna, lovely post. I love blue flowers and grow quite a few. I liked the last container but am confused. When I looked up Leadwort (a common name I had never heard off!) on Proven Winners website I see it is Ceratostigma
    plumbaginoides. I grow this plant but as a autumn flowering shrub. Proven Winners don’t sell this in the UK, so please can you tell me if it is the same plant (it must be as the botanical name is the same) and how it is grown as such as small plant. Mine is 2 to 3 feet tall, I would love to grow it in containers as shown in your picture and the others on the website.

    Thank you Sylvia (England)


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