Gardeners’ Sustainable Living Project


©Thanks For Today

February 2011

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To celebrate Earth Day, the Gardeners’ Sustainable Living Project was created to share ways that gardeners are actively practicing a greener lifestyle and contributing to protecting our environment. If you are a gardener, garden blogger, garden writer, garden media, garden merchandiser–you can join in and share what you do to help, rather than hinder, nature. Just because we are gardeners doesn’t mean we’re operating ‘sustainably’. Let’s find ways to garden by taking into account our impact on the environment and whether that has a positive effect on our health and that of Mother Earth.


  • In Mid March I will publish a post on my blog, Thanks For Today, where I will ask you to attach a link to your blog post–or, if you prefer, just leave a comment–sharing what you are doing, or plan to change, about the way you live and garden. My post will be open from March 15 through April 15th. You do NOT need to be ‘green’ to join in–just interested and aware of our environment and willing to look at what you can do to contribute positively and eliminate or reduce unnecessary actions. Maybe you would like to share one thing or a dozen things. It doesn’t matter how long or short your blog post or comment is. Just say something!

  • Part of the fun of this project is that you will be entered in to a drawing for garden-related gifts and prizes. There will be a couple of larger gifts, the grand prizes–and a variety of smaller ones. Those who write blog posts are eligible for all of them. The grand prizes might be a rain barrel (like last year)–or maybe a composter–or a mulching mower; who knows?! This is not final yet, however. All of the other items and gifts will be things like tools, gloves, books, etc., which both commenters and bloggers wiill be eligible for. Each person will be eligible for one prize only. There (may) be some restrictions with regard to country eligibiliity, which might limit (some) prizes to only those in the US & Canada, BUT last year many gardeners participated with the knowledge they would not receive a prize.

©Thanks For Today

  • I will send out another announcement when it’s time to send in the links to your blog posts and/or leave comments. Thanks for joining in and I hope you will have fun sharing with and learning from gardeners around the world! OH, and Please DO SHARE and invite your friends to come over and join in the fun! The project lasts for an entire month, from March 15th to April 15th, so all contributions entered during that time will be included.

  • In the meantime please visit last years project to get a feel for what this is about. The change I’ve made this year is to include ALL gardeners, not just garden bloggers. Here is the original project announcement from 2010.

I am currently inviting donations/sponsors. Please read through last year’s event (below) and then send me an email if you would like to offer a product for this years activity. Last years ‘grand prize’ was a Fiskar’s Rain Barrel. *See the original 2010 announcement post and list of prizes HERE

What will they be this year?!

Please email me: starlight1957 AT gmail DOT com

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