Moles an Organic approach



Mole hill

Many of us know how frustrating it is discovering one morning that a newly planted flower or vegetable patch has been visited in the night by an industrious Mole who has tunneled his way up and down the garden leaving neat piles of freshly excavated soil in his wake. Moles are really mans friend because they eat wire worms and larvae of other pests and they do help with the draining of the soil.

Euphorbia Lathyrus in flower border

Moles of course are more than happy to live in the garden of the organic gardener for worms will there abound to their delight. He is a wonderful soil engineer and can easily dig a tunnel 22 yards long of his own size in 24 hours .He eats half his own weight in worms and insects every day. He lives alone for most of his 4 year life span and will fight to the death with any other Mole he meets. Except in the spring when briefly he makes an exception. The young are born in April May and June.

Euphorbia Lathyrus in the greenhouse .and yes I've had them here too

I must admit I love Moles but don’t like the damage that they can do and over the years they have done some serious damage.

Euphorbia Lathyrusin 3inch pot

My solution to this problem is planting lots of Euphorbia lathyrus (Caper Spurge) Moles hate it and will not come near it, well exactly 60 yards almost to the inch .The plant however cannot do this until its second year of life or about that time .I find it advisable to allow the plants to seed themselves which they do readily but the excess seedlings are easily removed or transplanted to sell.

Euphorbia Lathyrus in Meadow it has been amazingly beautiful throughout the winter even in the snow

A word of warning do not share this secret with your neighbors because that’s were the moles are going and you don’t want them coming back.. This is a safe kind method of mole control the moles choose to go away because they don’t like the plants you are growing not because you are harming them.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Really? You don’t have moles in Ireland? I did not know that! I am from the SE, USA, and we have tons of the things. I fall through my yard every morning! lol (I admit, they are kinda cute).Daffodils are a natural deterrent as well – I ring my other bulbs with those, and they don’t eat them.


  2. I’m so glad we don’t have moles in Ireland.


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