Geraniums line this rock border

Geraniums line this rock border and welcome the garden keepers who just happen to be the county master gardeners. I love going to this park every summer to see what they’ve got planted just outside the greenhouse entry door.

It might otherwise be a dull and uneventful passing were it not for the red geraniums. I like the two boxwoods on each corner of the beds. Do you ever plant up an area considered an eyesore? It might only need a coat of paint and some colorful flowers. I painted my side entry door a shade of lavender and then planted the same color in flowers. It’s a happy place to enter and folks stop to ask me about it.

Add to that the perfect sage green—and well—it’s truly perfect don’t you think?

This park is just a hop, skip, and jump from my house. I go lots and walk around to admire the work of our master gardeners. So much to learn.

If you would like to see what I’m working on these days, visit my project HERE and you’ll get to meet a bunch of very good gardeners. In fact, they are the best.

On February 14th, a new online garden magazine comes out! Stay tuned for more about it in the next few days.

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