Spiderweb Twig Gate

Twig furniture is popular in our Smoky Mountains. This is called a spiderweb twig gate and it does look like a web of sorts.

Twigs are also incorporated in the pillars by the front door.

That is one of the biggest climbing hydrangeas I’ve ever seen. Looks as though they have one planted on each side of the arbor. It frames the door nicely don’t you think?

Below is a Smoky Mountain home with twig furniture as an accent piece on the front patio.

Twig furniture was born out of necessity and ingenuity. It’s popular anywhere a tree grows I suppose. Some let it weather naturally as seen above and others put a varnish on to maintain the original color of the wood. I like both.

Looking down the hill from the house above.

and then below another photo of a home in the area.

Notice all the greys of the stone and siding which match the blues of the landscaping. The same blue in the spiderweb twig gate.

and out front are some lilies blooming amongst the split rail fence. Notice the lichen growing on the fence.

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  1. Pam says:

    Where can I find the twig furniture?


    1. Pam—not sure but maybe if you google Blowing Rock NC and twig furniture–you’ll find some suppliers. I just drive up the mountains and people along our roadsides sell it.


  2. Wow that spider web gate is so cool! I love gates in a garden – like an entry point to a secret place and to have it look like a spider web and made of wood is doubely-neat!


  3. Mary says:

    Anna, I remember seeing some of that charming twig furniture when we went to Blowing Rock last year. Thank you so much for sharing this. You don’t find that just anywhere!


  4. I love that gate! Its clone may find it’s way into my garden……I know I need another gate somewhere! Great blog subject, I love twig creations. The daylilies are spectacular! My kind of garden!


  5. I love the twiggy elements Anna! I have seen a climbing hydrangea that large . . . growing nearly 40 feet up my Shagbark Hickory tree. It must be a challenge to grow climbing Hydrangea this way. It is so lush! Lovely homes. The thoughtful choices of colors in siding and stonework (as you point out) is very pleasing . . . blending beautifully into nature. I love the rustic chairs!!


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