A field of rudbekias with a fantastic purple Chastetree

Please do pick the rudbekias. And please do plant a ‘Chaste Tree

A beautiful field of rudbekias with a fantastic purple Chastetree

Scientific Name
Vitex agnus castus

One of my favorite ornamental small trees. It blooms forever and ever with these delicious purple blooms.

Nothing is better than purple and yellow together. Don’t you agree?

These photos are from The Millstone Meadows Daylily Farm

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  1. Steve Howard says:

    Here in South Texas we call them either “Texas Lilac” or just plain Vitex. I give the seeds away every year to my listeners as they produce so many.

    A beautiful tree, and wow – what a nice aroma!


  2. I do have Rudbekias in my small sunny garden plot. I’d never heard of Chaste Trees, but it sure is beautiful in your photos! Are the blooms fragrant?


    1. Yes, it is gorgeous. I’ve had two and loved them both. I’m getting one for my new home. Some varieties have a scent. I think the link says which ones. I never smelled this one–but not sure as it was 5 years ago. It blooms a very long time. Might not be zoned for your area. See the link.


  3. I just purchased a Chaste tree this past fall. I am very anxious to see how it does. I do like how it looks against the Rudbekias. Nice color contrast.


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