A Crazy Person Writes Here, Post a Day 2011


Have you ever watched a bird try to crack open a nut like this Carolina chickadee above is doing? That’s how I’m programmed. A crazy person writes here and Post A Day 2011 is going to feed my obsessive compulsive relationship with my blog. WordPress has been my favorite blogging host since before my knee started to give out and caused me to limp. That was in 2008. Post A Day 2011 is just what it sounds like it is and you are committed to posting once a day. That is just what a 50 something stay at home spoiled housewife needs. More reason to blog. Thank you wordpress.

The bird is out of focus but not the nut. Very tricky to get that sort of action and get the nut just before it cracks. I’m at that point. Just before I crack. I have taken on more blogging than a person should be allowed. I blog here at fgg, I keep a farmer’s market blog, one for a person I can’t mention ( famous), and now I successfully have a brand new blog that is going gang busters over at Best Garden Blogs.com I would not be so fired up about blogging if wordpress wasn’t such a breeze to use.

It’s winter in NC and I have time to do all this blogging–but soon spring will come and I’m an avid gardener. I love gardening so much that I even started a blogging magazine for all the best garden blogs out in the cyber world. My little shed sits empty right now but soon it will be a hive of activity as seeds are started and pots are prepared for the show to come.

If you look on my sidebar–you will see categories called, My Gardens. I have documented the beginning in 2008 and the reason I started this blog–to 2010. I will keep going forever I suppose and blogging is in my blood.

Some folks don’t venture out in the snow to see what’s hidden in the branches. I go and then share just as blogging is meant to to do. And with blogging, you don’t have to get every word correct thank goodness. Consistency is the key. I have a Facebook page to go with my fgg blog and the best garden blogs.com. I have about 700 or more good friends on one and 400 on the other FB page. So blogging has made me a few friends along the way. Last I looked today….I’m almost at 600 hits for the day. In the summer months when my gardens are in full glory–it can be 1,000 or better–a day!

Go right now and fan my Best Garden Blogs facebook page and by doing that good deed—your blogging future is guaranteed to be a success. It rubs off. Hang around those who have been at it a long time…see the tricks of the trade. I get two calls a week asking me how I got so good at blogging and I tell them……..

If you want more blogging tips–go see the folks at wordpress….Want to blog better in 2011? Oh and by the way–I’ve used about every trick in my blogging brain to make this post hit the mark. Do you see them all?

I have made the commitment to post daily to this blog. I love it and the new Post a Day 2011 challenge is just what I needed to drive me completely insane. I will not sleep at all now. It’s going to be so successful that by this time next year–my total visitors will well exceed the almost 500,000 I’ve had since I started this blog. Mercy……blogging can be a full time job.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Just a quick note to let you know I really like reading your blogs and the pictures you take are great. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hey Kristy—good to hear from you. I know you do–you have been faithful with all my blog ideas forever. I can count on you! I very much appreciate that you come to read. I don’t reduce my pictures as some do which means I’ve got quite a bit invested in this blog. I pay to keep ads off and I pay for extra storage space. I like keeping it on the WoW factor—so sweet folks like you will keep coming. Big hugs today.


  2. Wonderful photos Anna! I especially love the Junco in the snow. You truly are amazing and so talented!!


  3. carolyn says:

    Whew, I’m tired just reading what cha been doing, Anna. There’s a blog called a “painting a day ” and its amazing that they turn out some good art.

    Good luck with your project.


  4. I do so like your kind of “crazy”. Thanks for spreading sunshine…and now EVERY DAY! I am looking forward to inspiration for my new 11 acre farm, and I may start with my own little potting cottage! I love that.


  5. I too love WordPress and am so glad I was told to use it when I was just starting out. I love writing, but unfortunately the day job (running my nursery) prevents me from a post a day. Good luck with your undertaking.


  6. Donna says:

    blogging is a full time job and with it can come burn out so be careful…we wouldn’t want to lose you!


  7. becca says:

    You are an inspiration littlegardengirl ❤


  8. Whew! You make me tired just reading about everything you do! I know you can do it, though. 😀


  9. You are amazing! I wish I had half your energy and didn’t need my sleep so much. If I don’t get 6 hours of sleep at night I have trouble putting sentences together. I’m in awe. You go girl


  10. Philip Milano says:

    I stopped reading after the sixth line to scroll down to leave a reply.
    “You don’t look fifty.” You look much younger.
    Now, I will go back to reading your blog.


    1. Thank you Philip–how nice. I’m 52 and even celebrating this stage of my life. I don’t fear age one bit. Funny–I’m even wearing the same shirt today as I wore in the picture. My oldest son–who is 30…took that photo of me and I love it cause he did.


  11. It would make ME crazy if I posted everyday. But I know you’ll do it! I wouldn’t be able to garden like I do if I blogged any more than I do. You are amazing, Anna.


    1. Oh Meems, I love your comments mostly cause they make me feel so good. I have an acre of land and work sometimes from sun up to sun down. I don’t sleep much or if I do it’s like from 4am to whatever. You have the most organized and tastefully achieved gardens I’ve ever seen. I bet every leaf and blade of grass is numbered and stands at attention when you come on scene.


  12. Catherine says:

    Posting every day will be a challenge, but you seem to have more energy than anyone else I’ve known.
    Copper Top looks so pretty surrounded by the snowy trees.


    1. Catherine, we must be on the same wavelength cause you were here while I was at your place noticing all the spring bursting out.


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