McAfee is bullying me to use their software

Here is proof that McAfee is bullying me to use their software. These are screen shots from my computer showing that I can not comment in defense of myself unless I put their code on my website. I have tried to call that company, leave comments on the post about my website, and numerous other attempts to get this straightened out.

McAfee is spreading negative comments and turning away traffic from the Toil the Soil website and it is false advertising and blackmail. See the above message I get when I try to comment to their negative review. Here is the link to the review.

The most recent commentor to the thread about my website says that I am the second owner of and that the first owner was the problem. I looked up the whois database and didn’t see that–but maybe someone can help me out to verify that.

Anyway—the negative review of my website is still up and McAfee will not let me comment on it unless I insert their code on my site. So regardless of who owned Toil the Soil before, I can’t comment unless I use their code. Is this bullying? Well a lot of people have emailed me to say is.

Don’t you think this is illegal? In my opinion—they are hoping that fear will motivate me to follow their desire to advertise on my site.

They not only require that I use the code in my root directory—but they also want me to display their button on my site–for everyone to see that I’ve been approved.

Does this irritate anyone else?

My screen shots tell it all. I have lost so much due to this false review. I’ve been working on this website for over 2 years and on opening day my potential subscribers were turned away by McAfee. McAfee has not responded to my request to set this straight.

Some of my gardening friends have signed up at McAfee so they can vouch for me. This problem is costing me money. I don’t think McAfee cares.

See my first post about this

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  1. Diana says:

    Anna, this is a sin! and the worst part is that more and more there is no one that you can’t “talk” to anymore; there is no face, and they can do pretty much what they want.

    Would it be worth your while to speak to an attorney about this issue?


    1. Some things just get too big in life don’t they Diana. Lawyers are contacting me eager to take the case.


  2. Randy Emmitt says:


    Google locked people out of the site I’d been working on for nearly 10 years. I had to take down the site. Someone hacked my password and left a minor virus somewhere and I could not find it. The cyber world seems to favor the big boys. Good luck, you might install the link and then remove it once the repair is done. I don’t think you have much choice unless you want to age another 10 years by worrying over it.


    1. Randy–that’s so horrible about your site—and you are one of the most helpful people I know. Goodness has a hard time making it in the world these days.

      I detest being bullied. I am going to depend on private subscriptions and word of mouth for advertising and support—maybe we just all have to go under the radar and start own web.


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