is killing my business, picking on the little guy

Gardeners beware! You can’t trust McAfee. To the owners of is killing my business, you did a review of my new site– Toil the Soil with some kind of fancy algorithms which declared me a dangerous site. No one called me to ask why there are so many links in my site. Links to people trying to promote kitchen gardening. Shame on you! . No one cared that I’ve been working on this site night and day for two years and it went live today. On the day it went live—you automatically declared me a criminal.  You said I was potentially dangerous and  to use my site with caution.

Shame on you The 700 or so people a day who read my site here at fgg—will want to know that you are against a bunch of kitchen gardeners! What do you have to say about that!$$$$$ Don’t pick on me—I tried to call your business— but it was impossible to talk to anyone but the list of options which went nowhere. You have countless numbers of people and organizations working for you and you can’t call to clarify something?????

When I followed your link about me—

I signed up so I could defend myself—and you invited me to review the site—-but —you wanted me to place a code in my root system—and display publicly that I was safe. I don’t appreciate this bully form of business and I do understand how you have used my site and traffic to encourage new customers. Clicking on the comments for this review reveal that I’m the only one who tried to comment—–and couldn’t —but you are happy to let me download some software to check my site.

I wonder how many people you turned away from my site???? I think my friends—and those I represent in Toil the Soil—-we want to know if your trash talk about our site—drove away potential gardeners! My opening day is worth quite a bit of money to me. I will talk about it every day until you make it up to me!! Bully!!!!

Here is my second post and the follow up!!!!!!


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  1. Donna says:

    I gave them my 2 cents to them as well…ridiculous…you will persevere and overcome them…they just messed with the wrong woman!!


    1. Donna—they messed with a bunch of sweet gardeners who do nothing but nurture–they couldn’t have attacked a more innocent website.


  2. Vickie says:

    You go girl, don’t hold back. I hope McAfee makes amends to you for their MISTAKE!


    1. Vickie–I was so bummed but I’m also not gonna be ugly like there were—I just fight fair—and fight I will.


  3. GRrrrrrrr! I am so sorry, Anna. You keep on fightin’ girl. You’ve been unjustly wronged, for sure. Hoping for success in this battle and in the new mag.


    1. Thank you Karen…..I was certainly in shock to learn about being a criminal. The only crime I commit is to eating too much chocolate.


  4. Earl says:

    I’m a retired pilot, now tech and discovered long ago that McAfee is not my program of choice! I recommand and install Microsoft Security Essentials. Now, I have even more evidence to not support McAfee. I love your web pages and all the good gardening info you provide.


    1. Thank you Earl and it does make me feel better when an expert supports me. Wondering how many folks are suckered in to installing the code and displaying McAfee’s advertising out of fear. Well not me—I fight back.


  5. Kimberly says:

    I use AVG Free and you come up safe on Google but not at all on my usual IGive search engine. The new site looks good!


    1. Thanks Kimberly, it was so discouraging to see my site posted like that and no one even care to check and see if it was legitimate. Wondering if I’ll ever hear from them? I doubt it.


  6. No warning comes up when I access Toil the Soil. Don’t have McAFee. Cannot afford their subscription or yours, sorry. I use Avira Antivir, which is free, and works for me.

    Hope in time, you will be able to get this sorted. It was your Haint blue post I remember from way back, right?


    1. Yes EE–it was the Haint Blue post that everyone loves so much. I’m glad to hear that other alert systems aren’t calling me bad things. I was really hurt yesterday when this happened cause lots of hours and love went in the magazine. EE do you raise chickens or do any rabbit farming? Those are the topics coming up in April and May? Would love to have you in the magazine.


  7. nancybond says:

    I think this is unspeakably outrageous! Obviously, no one actually *looked* at the site before making their declaration! I’m so sorry you have to deal with this crap, Anna — the magazine is just beautiful and full of wonderful, informative articles. Good luck with reaching some sort of resolution. ♥


    1. nancybond says:

      (And now I know why my husband, who builds and services computers for a living and deals with a host of security issues, refuses to have anything to do with McAfee.)


    2. Thank you Nancy. I am just a tough little girl and I fight back big. I have some wonderful gardeners who took time and put their hearts in some of the post at TTS. It is a pretty site and this will not tarnish that although it is driving away traffic. I would have been happy to let it go if McAfee had not required I put a code on my site to remedy the problem. Seemed like a whole sales gimmic to me. This is what they said about us and they must really be scared of kitchen gardener—they didn’t even visit the site I”m sure:
      “It’s recommended that you stay clear of sites like this. Sites promoted through spam are usually involved in other criminal activities as well.

      Just remember the basic rule: spammers always lie, and dealing with them is an inevitable way to lose.

      Posted at 02/09/2011-09:55:00 AM by Nodus, Experienced Reviewer , View profile [ Reputation score: 9 / 9 ] ”

      I looked at the reviewer’s profile and noted that they have been logging an excessive amount of reviews per day. (Over 750) So I sent McAfee and email asking them to check into the status of the reviewer because their actions seem malicious.


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