Wick away water in your seed trays

Don’t forget to wick away the excess water from your seed trays. You don’t want root rot so this is a little trick I use to fix the problem.

See how I did it! Wicking, little trick of the seed starting trivia.

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  1. I’ve never seen this done, what a great idea. I too will be starting seeds soon, and I will do this, thanks.


    1. Charlotte–pretty cool isn’t it? I’m glad you discovered the idea before you started planting. It’s going to save you time and effort—you won’t have to check on the seeds as often.


  2. That’s an interesting idea – I’m about to put a few seeds in and I may just copy


    1. It has worked for me that is for certain. Post pictures so we can see too.


  3. Great idea and simple to do.


    1. Patsy–all my seeds germinated and no dampening off.


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